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Thomas Lynch, son of Ambrose Lynch, was elected Mayor of Galway in August 1654, while the town was occupied by British forces in the aftermath of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. Following a request by the occupiers, the Lord Deputy issued orders to have the power of holding council removed from the Catholics of Galway. This was implemented in October 1654.

Lynch was therefore the last of The Tribes of Galway to serve as Mayor in succession to the first, Peirce Lynch, who served the term 1485-86. He was replaced by Colonel Peter Stubbers.

Lynch held property on Galway's High Street, now in part occupied by the King's Head public house. Colonel Stubbers seized this from Lynch for his own use.

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The Tribes of Galway were 14 merchant families who dominated the political, commercial and social life of the city of Galway in western Ireland between the mid-13th and late 19th centuries. They were the families of Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, D'Arcy, Deane, Font, Ffrench, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martin, Morris and Skerritt. Of the 14 families, 12 were of Anglo Norman origin, while two — the D'Arcy and Kirwan families — were Normanised Irish Gaels.

Galway City Council

Galway City Council is the authority responsible for local government in the city of Galway in Ireland. As a city council, it is governed by the Local Government Act 2001. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment. The council has 18 elected members. Elections are held every five years and are by single transferable vote. The head of the council has the title of Mayor. The city administration is headed by a Chief Executive, Brendan McGrath. The council meets at City Hall, College Road, Galway.

The office of Mayor of Galway is an honorific title used by the Irish: Cathaoirleach of Galway City Council. The Council has jurisdiction throughout its administrative area of the city of Galway which is the largest city in the province of Connacht, in Ireland. The current Mayor is Cllr. Mike Cubbard, Independent.

Peirce Lynch, alias Peter Lynch, fl. 1485–1486, was the first Mayor of Galway.

Angela Lynch-Lupton served as Mayor of Galway for two terms in 1989 and 1998. She was the eighty-fourth bearer of the name to serve in that office since Peirce Lynch, elected as the first Mayor, in August 1485.

Dominick Dubh Lynch, second Mayor of Galway.

Geoffrey Lynch (Mayor), aka Geffere Lynch, 4th Mayor of Galway, fl. 1488-1489.

Andrew Lynch (Mayor), 14th Mayor of Galway, died 25 March 1523.

Arthur Lynch (Mayor), 22nd Mayor of Galway, died 20 November 1507.

Dominick Lynch was mayor of Galway, Ireland.

Christopher Lynch was Mayor of Galway, fl. 1601–1604.

Walter Lynch (Mayor), Mayor of Galway, fl. 1641-1642.

John Lynch,, fifth Mayor of Galway, 1489-1490.

Robuck Lynch, sixth Mayor of Galway, 1489-1490.

Stephen Lynch was the 23rd Mayor of Galway, serving from 1507 to 1510.

Peter Stubbers, Mayor of Galway, fl. 1654.

John Lynch fitz Andrew, Mayor of Galway, September 1528-September 1529. Lynch was the son of Andrew Lynch and Eleanor Martin. He had a brother, Arthur Lynch fitz Andrew, who served as Mayor from 1539-40. During his term, laws were introduced which forbade a number of forms of gambling, such as dice, cards, aimed especially against apprentices and members of the Gaelic community. Those found guilty would pay twenty shillings.

Arthur French fitz Geoffrey, Mayor of Galway, 1539–40.

Arthur Lynch fitz Andrew, Mayor of Galway, 1539–40.

Stephen Lynch fitz James, Mayor of Galway, fl. 1499–1524.


Civic offices
Preceded by
Martine Lynch
Mayor of Galway
September 1654–October 1654
Succeeded by
Colonel Peter Stubbers