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Tom Ang is a photographer, [1] author, traveller, and academic.


In 1979, he was a founding member of Wandsworth Photo Co-op, which grew into Photofusion, London's largest independent photography resource. [2] [ better source needed ] A specialist in travel and digital photography, he has photographed extensively in Central Asia. He won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for Best Illustrated Travel Book. [3] He won the HIPA Content Producer Award 2019 Hamdan International Photography Award 2019. [4] He is a Sony New Zealand digital imaging ambassador [5]

He is the author of 35 books on photography.

Life and work

Ang was a senior lecturer in photographic practice at the University of Westminster from 1991 to 2004, [6] teaching the undergraduate photography programmes, as well as the Masters in Journalism Studies. He also created the MA Photographic Journalism course. For over 10 years, he specialized in photographing Central Asia, extensively travelling in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, with a few visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. He led a Know How Fund project (within the REAP (Regional Academic Partnership) scheme) [7] that helped equip a radio studio for radio students and reformed the journalism curriculum for the Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Ang is a founding member of the World Photographic Academy and helped set up the Student Focus element of the Sony World Photography Awards. [8] He juried for the Czech Press Photo in 2009, [9] the Hamdan International Photography Award [10] and Wildlife Photographer of the Year. [11]

Ang was the presenter of the BBC series "A Digital Picture of Britain", first transmitted in 2005 on BBC4. A second series, entitled "Britain in Pictures" was transmitted in 2007. He presented an 8-part TV series for Channel News Asia in Singapore, which was broadcast in August 2009 (Bronze World Medal, Educational / Instructional, New York Television and Film Awards, 2010). [12]



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