Tom Currier

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Tom Currier
BornSeptember 7, 1991
Rodchester, Minnesota
Alma mater Stanford University (dropped out) [1]
Known forCabin

Tom Currier (born September 7, 1991) is an American entrepreneur and Thiel Fellow. [2] He was the founder of the San Francisco real estate startup Campus. [3]


Early life

According to the Yale Daily News, Currier was a "serial entrepreneur" before getting the Thiel Fellowship, and was working on the green energy company Black Swan Solar. [4] He started his first company at age nine. [4] [5] He was a member of the Stanford University class of 2013, majoring in computer science, [6] but dropped out after getting the Fellowship. [1]


In December 2012, Currier co-founded Campus, a San Francisco real estate and property management startup. [1] Campus rented about thirty townhouses and small apartment buildings in San Francisco and New York City, and then rented out the rooms to individuals, advertising "instant friends, fewer chores, and rents that weren’t off the charts" as part of a "co-living" model. [7] Campus was described as a "grown-up version of group housing", and each house came with a hot tub and monthly budget for group events. [8]

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