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Tom Dahlgren
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Born (1933-09-22) September 22, 1933 (age 88)
Years active1972-2005

Tom Dahlgren (born September 22, 1933) is an American actor. His professional acting career began in 1972, when he was almost 40. He has also worked as a stage actor with the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, Theatre West in Los Angeles, and many other Los Angeles area theatres.[ citation needed ]



Television work

"7th Heaven" (1 episode)

"7th Heaven: Beginnings" - USA (rerun title Crazy (16 April 2001)

- Dr. Bennett Brown 7th Heaven

"The X-Files" (1 episode)

aka "The X Files" - USA (original title) aka "X-File" - Japan (English title) "Theef" (12 March 2000)

- Dr. Irving Thalbro The X Files

"Style & Substance" (1 episode)

Chelsea's First Date (12 August 1998)

- Minister Style & Substance

"Seinfeld" (1 episode)

The Puerto Rican Day (7 May 1998)

- Priest Seinfeld

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (2 episodes )

Runaway Train (21 September 1996)

- General Wooten

A Matter of Conscience (11 October 1997)

- General Wooten Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

"Sisters" (1 episode)

The Price (30 March 1996)

- Dr. Harvey Childs Sisters

"ER" (1 episode)

9 1/2 Hours (10 November 1994)

- Actor E.R.

"L.A. Law" (1 episode)

Whistle Stop (12 May 1994)

- Dr. Chessler LA Law

"The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." (1 episode)

Crystal Hawks (12 November 1993)

- Sandstedt The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

"The Larry Sanders Show" (1 episode)

A Brush with the Elbow of Greatness (31 October 1992)

- Ben Smalley The Larry Sanders Show

"Equal Justice" (1 episode)

What Color Are My Eyes? (26 June 1991)

- Judge Brown Equal Justice

"The Golden Girls" (1 episode)

The One That Got Away (29 October 1988)

- Major Barker The Golden Girls

"Falcon Crest" (8 episodes ) Falcon Crest

Rescue Me (8 January 1988) - Grey Suit

Hornet's Nest (15 January 1988) - Grey Suit

A Madness Most Discreet (5 February 1988) - Grey Suit

Stormy Weather (12 February 1988) - Grey Suit

Legacies (19 February 1988) - Grey Suit

Telling Tales (22 April 1988) - Grey Suit

As Tears Go By (29 April 1988) - Grey Suit

Last Dance (6 May 1988) - Grey Suit

"Buck James" (1 episode)

And Keep Them from Harm (15 November 1987)

- Thatcher Buck James

"Dallas" (1 episode)

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel (1 May 1987)

- Actor Dallas

"Highway to Heaven" (1 episode)

Jonathan Smith Goes to Washington (3 December 1986)

- Mr. Burns Highway to Heaven

"Scarecrow and Mrs. King"' (1 episode)

Billy's Lost Weekend (7 November 1986)

- Randy Scarecrow and Mrs. King

"Misfits of Science" (1 episode)

Grand Elusion (10 January 1986)

- Connell Misfits of Science

"The Streets of San Francisco" (1 episode)

No Badge for Benjy (1 November 1973)

- Actor Streets of San Francisco

"Human Target" (1 episode)

Cool Hand Chance

- Actor Human Target

Stage work

Magic Theatre - San Francisco

True West was first performed at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco, where Sam Shepard was the resident playwright. It had its world premiere there on July 10, 1980 [1]. It was originally directed by Robert Woodruff and starred Peter Coyote as Austin, Jim Haynie as Lee, Tom Dahlgren as Saul Kimmer, and Carol McElheney as Mom. The production later moved to Joseph Papp 's The Public Theater in New York City, where it starred Tommy Lee Jones and Peter Boyle.

Gnu Theatre - Los Angeles

At the Gnu Theatre, where the California-set "True West" director/set designer Jeff Seymour cast Tom Dahlgren to reprise his role as Saul Kimmer in the 1990 version at the Gnu Theatre. Gnu Theatre Review in LA Times for "True West"

Theater West - Los Angeles

"Lifetimes 10: Writers Play With the Puzzle" weds humor, drama and a few effortless metaphysical touches to an experience that glides before you like apparitions in a half-dream. The theme is set immediately in the opener, Alan Eisen's "Passing Through," in which director Janet Davidson skillfully dramatizes an imaginative fantasy dealing with the fears and expectations of three embryos as they approach birth. A faintly disturbing God-like omniscience is coolly delivered by actor Tom Dahlgren as a piano player.

Betty Garrett, in four interludes called "7 Minutes of Life," including one as a baby, playfully swirls a choric motif. In "1932" by Terry Kingsley-Smith (producer Griggs directing sublime performances by Jeanne Bates and Tom Dahlgren) and Drew Katzman's "I'm Tired of Looking for Barrymore" (Aubuchon staging an uproarious Hollywood cemetery outing between Guy Raymond's carping father and Katzman's patronizing son), the production finds its sturdiest moorings. LA Times Review of Lifetimes

In June 2000 Former Miss America Lee Meriwether starred with Bridget Hanley in the world premiere of Eugene Pack's "Elinor Adjusting" at Theatre West in L.A. The comedy ran for a four-week run at Theatre West where Hanley portrayed Elinor, a widow who finds herself without a home or a business after her husband dies. Meriwether appears in a supporting role as Elinor's chum, Millie. Others in the cast include Ellen Idelson, Steve O'Connor, Tom Dahlgren and Susan Morganstern. Elinor-Adjusting-at-Theatre-West-June-10

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