Tom Feister

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Tom Feister
BornHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
Awards2005 Eisner Award for Best New Series (Ex-Machina)

Tom Feister is an American illustrator, animator, comic book artist, former jazz tap competitive dancer.

Feister is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. He began his career as an editorial illustrator while still in college. He has since gone on to pursue a career in the varied and related fields of comic book illustration, animation, merchandising, and toy design. Some of Tom's clients have included Microsoft, Lucasfilm, Adult Swim, The Upper Deck Company, DC Direct, Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, Devil's Due Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Turner Studios, Primal Screen, WildStorm Publishing, and Wild Hare Studios, among others.

He is a founding member of the Atlanta-based Studio Revolver. [1] Along with Dexter Vines, Feister founded Studio Revolver in Atlanta, Georgia in late 2003. The studio was a loose collection of primarily comics artists and designers. During the years the studio was active they created art for Marvel, DC Comics, WildStorm Productions, Microsoft, Dark Horse, Dynamite Entertainment, and a host of others. Alumni include Rod Ben, Mark Brooks, John Tyler Christopher, Stephanie Gladden, Georges Jeanty, Jason Pearson, Brian Reber, and more.

In 2004 Feister began work on Wildstorm publishing's Ex Machina . Ex-Machina was recognized with multiple Eisner Award nominations and won the 2005 Eisner award for Best New Series. [2] Harris and Feister were nominated for Best Art Team. His work has also appeared in G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Avengers: the Initiative, Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps, and Witchblade special. [3]

In 2013 Feister was hired on as Lead Character Designer for season 1 of The Awesomes, and animated series airing on Hulu created by Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker.

2016 Feister drew Grand Passion for Dynamite Entertainment. The series was written by James Robinson. More recently, Feister provided a variant cover for Oni Press' Rick and Morty Presents: Morty's Run (2022), written by Ivan Cohen with art by Puste.

In 2019 Feister joined the character design team on Marvel's HIT MONKEY animated series. He followed that in 2021 with stints on Poorly Drawn Lines for Hulu, and Fairview for Comedy Central. [4]

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