Tom Hazelmyer

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Tom Hazelmyer
Michigan, United States
Genres Noise rock
Occupation(s) Record executive, musician
Instrument(s)Vocals, guitar
Years active1983–present
Labels Amphetamine Reptile

Tom Hazelmyer (born 1965) is an American musician and printmaker. He is known as the founder and owner of the independent label Amphetamine Reptile Records as well as being the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band Halo of Flies. [1]



Tom Hazelmyer was born and raised in Michigan before moving with his family to Minneapolis in 1980 when he was fourteen. [2] During his youth, Hazelmyer worked in a foundry and performed in several punk rock bands during his free time. In 1983, after becoming disenchanted with the underground punk scene, he opted to enlist in the Marines and was eventually stationed near Seattle, Washington. It was there he established his own record label Amphetamine Reptile with the intention of issuing albums by his band Halo of Flies, who had already been turned down by several recording labels. [3]

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Lowercase was a band from Palm Desert, California, led by Imaad Wasif on vocals and guitar and Brian Girgus on drums. The band put out 2 full-length albums on the Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile before recording their last LP for Vern Rumsey of Unwound's label, Punk In My Vitamins. Tours with Sebadoh, Karp, Unwound, Hovercraft, Caustic Resin, The Lies, Faith No More, and Chokebore helped gain them a national as well as international following.

Amphetamine Reptile Records is an American record label founded in 1986 by American musician Tom Hazelmyer.


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