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Not to be confused with Greeley, PA sculptor of the same name.


Tom Holmes
Tom Holmes - Visual Artist - Edward F. Albee Foundation Fellow 2105 photo by Martirene Alcantara.png
Studio portrait of the artist Tom Holmes by Martirene Alcantara in 2015
Born1979 (age 4344)

Tom Holmes (born 1979 in Ozona, Texas) is an American artist based in Jackson County, Tennessee. [1]


Holmes received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999, the student of Peter Saul and Linda Montano. They received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California Los Angeles in 2002 where they studied with John Baldessari, Mary Kelly, Paul McCarthy, Lari Pittman, Pipilotti Rist and Wolfgang Tillmans.

The artist worked briefly for Richard Tuttle in 2005.


Holmes mounted their first solo museum show Temporary Monument in 2013 at the Kunsthalle Bern. Their work has been included in exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Contemporary Art Biennial, Sélestat, France; Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden and the Whitney Museum at Altria, New York. Work resides in the public collections of Albright-Knox, FRAC Bourgogne, Stiftung Kunsthalle Bern, and The Frances Young Tang Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College.


Tom Holmes, untitled Shroud (Orange Flavor), 2012, Stiftung Kunsthalle Bern Untitled Bulletin, 2012 by Tom Holmes, Stiftung Kunsthalle Bern.png
Tom Holmes, untitled Shroud (Orange Flavor), 2012, Stiftung Kunsthalle Bern

Working within the "problems of abstraction" [2] the artist often takes up a class-conscious cultural criticism through the genre of the funerary as well as processes derived from psychic automatism. Utilizing abstract compositional constructions and modest sculptural materials, such as concrete blocks, folding chairs, and cereal boxes, the works bear witness to the condition of the inevitable. Anne Doran writes, Holmes's work is "redolent of institutional limbos and marginal lives, with shrill bottom notes of failure and fear." [3]



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