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Tom Leetch is an American film producer, writer and director. His career included working on films for Walt Disney Productions, under the leadership of Walt Disney's son-in-law, Ron Miller. At Disney, Leetch first began as an assistant director on films such as Mary Poppins , The Ugly Dachshund and Monkeys, Go Home . He then served in several positions as producer, associate producer, and director on films such as Snowball Express , Napoleon and Samantha , Freaky Friday , The North Avenue Irregulars , and The Watcher in the Woods , a project in which he pitched to Ron Miller stating, "This could be our Exorcist ."

In addition, Leetch later served as producer and unit production manager on the TV series, Northern Exposure . [1]

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The Parent Trap is a Disney film series, originating in 1961 with Hayley Mills. She played both roles of twin sisters who were raised separately by divorced parents, without any knowledge of each other. They meet at a summer holiday camp, and switch places so that they can each meet their other parent. Mills reprised her roles three times in subsequent made-for-television sequels.

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