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"Tomcat Prowl", written by Doug Bennett and John Burton, is a song performed by Doug and the Slugs for the soundtrack to the 1988 action film Iron Eagle II . It was the group's second-highest charting single in their native Canada, reaching #23 on the RPM Top 100 Singles chart. It also appears on the group's 1988 album Tomcat Prowl and was also released on their 1993 best-of Slugcology 101.

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Douglas Craig Bennett was the lead singer of Canadian rock band Doug and the Slugs. He also produced and directed music videos for artists such as Headpins, Trooper, Zappacosta, and Images in Vogue as well as for the Slugs themselves.


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Ol' 55 were an Australian band specialising in retro, 1950s-era Rock 'n' Roll. They formed as Fanis in 1972 in Sutherland, Sydney. Drummer Geoff Plummer was working with Glenn A. Baker at the NSW Department of Media and invited Baker to hear his part-time band, including Patrick "Meatballs" Drummond, Rockpile Jones and Jimmy Manzie. In 1975, Baker took on their management, renamed them as Ol' 55 for the Tom Waits song, and recruited front man Frankie J. Holden and, later in the year, saxophonist Wilbur Wilde.

Doug and the Slugs are a Canadian pop music group formed in 1977 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band enjoyed a number of Canadian top 40 hits in the 1980s, most notably "Too Bad" (1980), "Who Knows How To Make Love Stay" (1982), "Making It Work" (1983) and "Tomcat Prowl" (1988). The song "Too Bad" served as the theme song for the 1999-2001 ABC sitcom The Norm Show, starring Norm Macdonald.

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Rockmelons, often referred to as the Rockies, were an Australian pop/dance/R&B group formed in 1983 in Sydney. Primary members are Bryon Jones, his brother Jonathon Jones and Raymond Medhurst. They had two Australian top five hit singles in the early 1990s with "Ain't No Sunshine" and "That Word (L.O.V.E.)", both sung by Deni Hines. The associated album, Form 1 Planet, peaked at number 3 on the ARIA albums chart in 1992, and was certified platinum in Australia.

James William Manzie, known as Jimmy Manzie or Jim Manzie, is an Australian musician and songwriter for a variety of bands including rock revival band Ol' 55 (1975–1979), pop groups The Breakers (1979–1982) and The Fives (1982) before turning to solo work, production and composing for film/television scores and soundtracks. As a member of Ol' 55, Manzie wrote "On the Prowl" their top 20 hit single on the Australian Kent Music Report in late 1975, which was followed by their debut album, Take It Greasy which reached No. 3 on the Kent Music Report Albums Chart in 1976.

July is a psychedelic rock band from Ealing, London that was professionally active between 1968 and 1969, and reformed in 2009. The band's music was a blend of psychedelic rock and psychedelic pop, marked by lush harmonies, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and intricate lead guitar work. Although none of the band's records managed to chart in the UK or the U.S., July are today best remembered for their songs "My Clown", "Dandelion Seeds", and "The Way", which have all been included on a number of compilation albums over the years.

<i>Music for the Hard of Thinking</i> 1982 studio album by Doug and the Slugs

Music for the Hard of Thinking is the third studio album for Canadian pop music group Doug and the Slugs. It was released domestically in 1982 on Bennett's own record label Ritdong and internationally in 1983 by RCA Records. This recording helped get the band nominated for a 1983 Juno Award.


Fosterchild was a notable Canadian band that existed from 1976 to 1981, releasing three albums.

<i>Man on the Prowl</i> (film)

Man on the Prowl is a 1957 American crime film directed by Art Napoleon and written by Art Napoleon and Jo Napoleon. The film stars Mala Powers, James Best, Ted de Corsia, Jerry Paris and Vivi Janiss. The film was released on December 1, 1957, by United Artists.

"On the Prowl" is a song written by Jimmy Manzie and recorded by Australian band Ol' 55. The song was released in May 1976 as the lead single from the band's debut studio album, Take It Greasy (1976). The song peaked at number 14 on the Australian Kent Music Report, becoming the band's first top 50 single.