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Tomica is a South African webcomic, written by David Covas Lourenco and drawn by Deon de Lange. [1] [2]


Deon de Lange is the creator of the comic, Gofu, and launched the Tomica webcomic in April 2014 with collaborator, David Covas Lourenco. A limited edition of 50 copies of a Tomica mini comic were for sale at Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day 2014. [3]

The Tomica webcomic is also collected and printed in a unique mini-comic format, starting with Tomica #1. [1]


Tomica is a "sci-fi adventure following Tomica Twim's quest through ancient temples, disintegrating space ports, and steamy jungles across the universe". [3]

Publication history

At San Diego Comic-Con International 2014, Tomica mini-comic #1 was available as a free giveaway at a panel about comics from South Africa and Australia: “The Pursuit of the Southern Hemisphere Comics Industry”. [4]

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