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Tomima Edmark
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Tomima L. Edmark

Alma mater Stephens College
The University of Texas at Austin
OccupationAuthor and founder of HerRoom and HisRoom
Known forInventor of TopsyTail, Halo Hat and Bowrette

Tomima Edmark (born 1957 in Seattle, Wash.) is an American entrepreneur, [1] author, and inventor of TopsyTail, Halo Hat and Bowrette. She is the founder of HerRoom and HisRoom, an online lingerie and men's underwear retailer based in Dallas, Texas.



Edmark earned a BFA and BA degree from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri in 1979 and then she attended The University of Texas at Austin where she completed an MBA degree in 1983. [2]


In 1984, after receiving her MBA, she worked with IBM as marketing executive in Dallas, [3] before leaving in 1992. [4]

In 1989 Edmark filed for TopsyTail patent, received in April 1991 and established TopsyTail Corp. to market and sell the product. [5] TopsyTail earned more than $150 million in revenue. [4]

In 1994 Edmark introduced the Bowrette, a barrette patterned after the TopsyTail that turns ribbons and scarves into hair ornaments. [2] [6]

In 1998, Edmark began an e-commerce retail start-up The Andra Group, LP. [7] She launched HerRoom on March 3, 2000 [8] and the men’s site, was launched two years later. [9] After listening to her friends' complaints that they hated having to try on undergarments in department store fitting rooms, she wanted to let women buy bras that fit online. [10] [11] [12] [13]

In 2011, Edmark was awarded business method patent #8,078,498 for using back and side views as well as the front. [14]

Edmark have been featured on television shows like Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, 20/20, The Oprah Winfrey Show [3] and in business publications like Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. [5]


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HerRoom is an online lingerie and men's underwear retailer based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded and is owned by Tomima Edmark, inventor of the TopsyTail. Edmark runs both HerRoom and brother site HisRoom, through her company, the Andra Group LLP.

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