Tommy & The High Pilots

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Beta Play
Background information
Origin Santa Barbara, California, United States
Genres Rock, pop, alternative
Labels Redbird
Associated acts Ludo, Holden, Plain White T's
MembersTommy Cantillon
Michael Cantillon
Mike Dyer
Past membersSteven Libby Matt Palermo

Beta Play (formerly Tommy & the High Pilots) [1] is an alternative rock band from Santa Barbara, California. The band consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Tommy Cantillon, keyboardist Michael Cantillon, and bassist Mike Dyer.



Originally performing as Tommy & the High Pilots, the band released a number of albums, including Everynight, American Riviera, Only Human, and Tommy & the High Pilots: Live at Studio Delux.

In 2014, the band underwent a change, reforming and rebranding as Beta Play in early 2015. [2] According to lead vocalist, Tommy Cantillon, the members began to feel like a new group after the release of "Only Human" in 2013. Their new style, coupled with Cantillon's discomfort being the only member with his name in the group's title, prompted them to change their name. Cantillon drew his inspiration for the new name from the boxes of Betamax video tapes his father had left in the garage where he wrote the band's music. [1]

The band released a self-titled 5-song EP in 2015, featuring the single "Heaven Is Under The Sun." [3]


Current members

Former Members

Live Members


As Beta Play

YearAlbum [4]
2015Beta Play

As Tommy & the High Pilots

YearAlbum [5]
2010American Riviera
2011Sawhorse Sessions
2013Only Human
2013Tommy and the High Pilots - Live at Studio Delux

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