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IndustryFintech and retail applications
FoundedSeptember 2013
Area served
Key people
Kumar Abhishek (CEO)
Parent Naffa Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

ToneTag is a company which uses encrypted sound waves to make offline, proximity-based contactless payments on any device. The company uses proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) that encodes data into sounds. These sounds are transmitted over air and can enable payments over the existing payments infrastructure.


ToneTag was established in September 2013 by founder and current CEO Kumar Abhishek. Together with co-founder Vivek Singh they started a research project on how to enable small payments through the mobile. [1] The research was followed by experimentation with various alternate payment technologies. In September 2017, Infosys partnered with ToneTag to enable contactless payments applications. [2] [3]

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