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Tonnus Oosterhoff at the poetry festival Het Tuinfeest [nl] in Deventer, August 6, 2016 Tonnus Oosterhoff, Deventer 6 augustus 2016.jpg
Tonnus Oosterhoff at the poetry festival Het Tuinfeest  [ nl ] in Deventer, August 6, 2016

Tonnus Oosterhoff (Leiden, 18 March 1953) is a Dutch poet and writer.



Born in Leiden, Tonnus Oosterhoff spent most of life in the Dutch province of Groningen. He studied Dutch literature and linguistics at the University of Groningen. Before publishing literary work, he wrote several anonymous stories for the magazine Mijn Geheim . One of them was republished in his later collection of short stories Dans zonder vloer ("Dance without floor", 2003) with an alternate "less unrealistic" happy end.

He made his debut in the literary magazine Raster. Oosterhoff published collections of poems, short stories, essays, a novel, a play and a radio drama. His oeuvre distinguishes itself by the use of subdued humour and the desire the reinvent itself with every new book. In 2001 he launched a website with moving poems. In 2005 he was a guest writer at his old university in Groningen.

In 2008 Oosterhoff received the Awater Poëzieprijs for his work Ware grootte.

In 2012 Oosterhoff received the P. C. Hooft Award for his, according to the jury, "highly renewing poetry". [1]


Oosterhoff's books are published by De Bezige Bij in Amsterdam.


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