Tony Guntharp

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Tony Guntharp
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Tony Guntharp from Forbes Magazine 2003 [1]
BornMay 1969
Memphis, Tennessee
Nationality Flag of the United States.svg American
Other namesfusion94 (internet handle)
Occupation Programmer, Author
Known forco-founders of SourceForge

Tony Guntharp (born May 16, 1969) was the team project manager and one of the four co-founders of SourceForge (along with Uriah Welcome, Tim Perdue and Drew Streib) which launched in November 1999. Prior to this he had co-founded Fresher Information Corp., [2] an object oriented database management software firm.

He eventually left VA Software (the owners of the SF property) after VA Software shut down the systems-hardware business.

He also co-authored Practical Linux . [3]

Damage Studios

Later, he founded Damage Studios with several former VA employees, including Greg Kucharo, Steve Westmoreland, Joseph Arruda, San Mehat, Chris DiBona and Craig Ross.

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