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Tony Lee Moral is a British documentary film maker and writer.


Moral is also the creative director of Sabana Films, a television and film production company based in the UK. [1] He directs factual, specialist factual and entertainment programmes for television, such as; Man vs Wild , Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza, Last Man Standing, Globetrekker and Wild Thing I Love You.

His three books on Alfred Hitchcock; Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Making MasterclassThe Making of Hitchcock's The Birds [2] and Hitchcock and the making of Marnie ( ISBN   978-0810856844) which investigates the behind the scenes of one of Alfred Hitchcock's most controversial films. The book also examines the critical reception of Marnie. [3]

Moral criticised the BBC and HBO for their portrayal of Hitchcock in The Girl , a drama they co-produced in 2012. He claimed that the film showed Hitchcock "as a 'lascivious letch'", and "of 'damaging his reputation'." [4]





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Hitchcockian films are those made by various filmmakers, with the styles and themes similar to those of Alfred Hitchcock.

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Fever Media Ltd was a British television production company based in London. It was launched in 2006 by former BBC Executive Producers Richard Hopkins and David Mortimer. It develops and produces quizzes, game shows, factual entertainment, factual formats, documentary, entertainment performance and music programming for the UK and International markets. Fever works closely with Sony Music on a number of artist and music-related projects, as well as creating formats to discover new musical talent.

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Hitchcock is a 2012 American biographical drama film directed by Sacha Gervasi, based on Stephen Rebello's non-fiction book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho. The film was released in selected cities on November 23, 2012, with a worldwide release on December 14, 2012.

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The Girl is a 2012 British television film directed by Julian Jarrold, written by Gwyneth Hughes and produced by the BBC and HBO Films. The film stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock. It is based on Donald Spoto's 2009 book, Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies, which discusses the English film director Hitchcock and the women who played leading roles in his films. The Girl's title was inspired by Hitchcock's alleged nickname for Hedren.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies was a part-3-D film, part-live action show at Universal Studios Florida, and one of the theme park's original attractions. It was used to commemorate Alfred Hitchcock's 43-year association with Universal Studios. The attraction featured attacks from birds similar to Hitchcock's film The Birds in the pre-show area, and featured the shower scene from Psycho in the main show with narration by Anthony Perkins who played the part of Norman Bates in Psycho. It closed on January 3, 2003, and was replaced by Shrek 4-D in mid-2003. It was directed by Susan Lustig. It was sponsored by Kodak.