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Tony Moore may refer to:

Tony Moore (artist) American comic artist

Tony Moore is an American comic book artist, whose work consists mainly of genre pieces, most notably in horror and science fiction, with titles such as Fear Agent, The Exterminators, and the first six issues of The Walking Dead.

Anthony Paul Moore is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker in the Football League for York City, in non-League football for Heworth, Bridlington Trinity and Selby Town.

Anthony Peter Moore was a footballer who played as a winger in the Football League for Chesterfield, Grimsby Town and Chester.

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Anthony Moore British musician

Anthony Moore is a British experimental music composer, performer and producer. He was a founding member of the band Slapp Happy, worked with Henry Cow and has made a number of solo albums, including Flying Doesn't Help (1979) and World Service (1981).

Antonis Mor painter from the Northern Netherlands

Sir Anthonis Mor, also known as Anthonis Mor van Dashorst and Antonio Moro, was a Netherlandish portrait painter, much in demand by the courts of Europe. He has also been referred to as Antoon, Anthonius, Anthonis or Mor van Dashorst, and as Antonio Moro, Anthony More, etc., but signed most of his portraits as Anthonis Mor.

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