Tony Moore (artist)

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Tony Moore
Moore at the 2011 New York Comic Con
Born Cynthiana, Kentucky
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller, Inker, Colourist
Notable works
The Walking Dead
The Exterminators
Fear Agent
Awards Eisner Award nominations:
2004: "Best New Series" ( The Walking Dead )
2005: "Best Cover Artist" (The Walking Dead)

Tony Moore is an American comic-book artist, whose work consists mainly of genre pieces, most notably in horror and science fiction, with titles such as Fear Agent , The Exterminators , and the first six issues of The Walking Dead .



Moore's first comic-book work was the 2000 superhero parody Battle Pope , which he co-created with his childhood friend, writer Robert Kirkman. Self-published under the Funk-O-Tron label, it was adapted into a season of eight animated webisodes that appeared on Spike TV's website in 2008. [1] While working on Battle Pope, Kirkman and Moore were asked to produce work for the Mattel-licensed Masters of the Universe property.[ citation needed ] Shortly afterward, they launched Brit and The Walking Dead at Image Comics. Although Moore ceased regular interior art on The Walking Dead with #6, he continued to contribute to the title as cover artist through issue #24, and illustrated the covers for the series' first four collected volumes. Moore was nominated for two Eisner Awards for his work on The Walking Dead, (2004: "Best New Series", [2] and 2005: Best Cover Artist. [3] ) Because of the popularity of the series, which increased considerably when it was adapted into a television series of the same name, Moore's original artwork for the series' early issues has gone up in value. On the March 28, 2013 episode of the VH1 reality television series For What It's Worth, Moore's original artwork for Page 7 of issue #1 was professionally appraised to be worth $20,000. [4]

Moore has since own co-created The Exterminators with Simon Oliver at DC/Vertigo, [5] and Fear Agent with Rick Remender at Dark Horse Comics, and has contributed covers to numerous titles, including Claudio Sanchez's The Amory Wars and Rob Zombie's Spookshow International. He has also contributed to Marvel Comics' titles Ghost Rider (with Jason Aaron), and Punisher (with Rick Remender). He also was the artist for the Venom series from 2010 to 2012, also written by Remender. [6]

On February 9, 2012, Moore filed a lawsuit alleging that in 2005, Kirkman deceitfully engineered him into surrendering his rights to The Walking Dead comic book and eventual TV series in exchange for payments that never materialized. Kirkman said in a statement the following day that he and Moore "each had legal representation seven years ago and now he is violating the same contract he initiated and approved and he wants to misrepresent the fees he was paid and continues to be paid for the work he was hired to do." [7] Kirkman in turn sued Moore. [8] On September 24, 2012, the two released a joint statement saying they had reached a settlement "to everyone's mutual satisfaction." [8]

In 2018, Moore began collaborating with country musician and fellow Kentuckian Tyler Childers, doing the cover art for Childers' album, Country Squire . Moore illustrated a small promotional Chick tract parody comic, written by Childers, which was released with the album. Moore also produced several screen printed concert posters for Childers. In 2019, Moore designed the animated band featured in the music video for the Grammy-nominated song, All Your’n, [9] directed by Matt Stawski, though the final renderings were painted by longtime Stawski collaborator, artist Serge Gay, Jr. [10] In 2020, Moore wrote, designed, storyboarded, and directed the animated music video for the album’s title track, Country Squire. [11]


Interior comic work includes:

Covers only

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