Tooth and Nail (film)

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Tooth and Nail
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Promotional film poster
Directed byMark Young
Produced byJonathan Sachar
Patrick Durham
Written byMark Young
Starring Rachel Miner
Rider Strong
Michael Kelly
Robert Carradine
Vinnie Jones
Michael Madsen
Music by Elia Cmiral
CinematographyGregg Easterbrook
Edited byMark Young
Distributed by After Dark Films (theatrical)
Release date
  • October 16, 2007 (2007-10-16)(Screamfest Film Festival)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States

Tooth and Nail is a 2007 horror film written, directed and edited by Mark Young, about a group of people in a post-apocalyptic world who must fight to survive against a band of vicious cannibals.



After an apocalypse, mankind has depleted all fossil fuel reserves and civilization has collapsed. A group of survivors called "Foragers" take cover in an abandoned hospital where the group attempt to re-build society. After saving a young girl from being killed and eaten by a group of vicious cannibals called "Rovers", the Foragers find themselves on the run from the cannibals, who stalk the survivors and brutally kill them off one-by-one as the Foragers begin to fight back, causing a chaotic battle of blood and mayhem.



This film was released in theaters as part of After Dark Film's Horrorfest, which ran November 9–18, 2007.

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