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The TopGun Designation in the capital markets is awarded by Brendan Wood International. The designation is based upon over 10,000 debriefings globally with portfolio managers, CEOs, CFOs, other senior corporate executives, leading broker analysts and traders.

Corporates executives assess their TopGun Investment Bankers. TopGun Portfolio managers are awarded based upon the evaluations provided by leading broker analysts.

Influential investors nominate TopGun CEOs, CFOs, Companies, and the Boards who earn their highest investor confidence votes. Investors also evaluate their top broker analyst and institutional sales professionals. TopGun traders are awarded based on the input from buy side traders.

Recipients often include the TopGun designation in their resumes and on their websites.[ original research? ] The designation has been featured on many leading news outlets.

The designation is awarded annually or every two years depending on the discipline and capital markets activity.

The first ever TopGun Ball was held in Toronto for charity, “A Fusion of Performance and Philanthropy”, and will be[ when? ] mirrored in Palm Beach, New York City, London and Hong Kong.

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Within the finance industry, professional designations have served as external validation of expertise for decades, and the literature supports the importance of these professional designations within the larger finance community. As the field of finance has increased in complexity in recent years, the number of available designations has also increased. Correspondingly, some will have more recognition than others. Following is a partial list of professional certifications in financial services; see Category:Professional certification in finance for all articles. Note that in the US, many state securities and insurance regulators do not allow financial professionals to use a designation —in particular a "senior" designation — unless it has been accredited by either the American National Standards Institute or the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

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