Topper's Pizza (Canadian restaurant)

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Topper's Pizza
Industry Fast food
Founded Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (1982;38 years ago (1982))
FounderRon Toppazzini
Headquarters Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Franchise Office)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Corporate Office)
Number of locations
more than 35
Area served
Key people
Keith Toppazzini (President & COO)
Kelly Toppazzini (Chairman & CEO)
ProductsPizza, Wings, TopperSticks™, Topperottis, Salads, Desserts, Drinks, Dipping Sauces

Topper's Pizza Canada is a Canadian chain of pizzerias. The chain was launched in 1982 in Sudbury, Ontario by Ron Toppazzini as Mr. Topper's Pizza. The chain has more than 35 locations throughout Ontario.


Human rights case

On September 14, 2013, Toppers Pizza in Georgetown fired an employee after discovering she was pregnant. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario determined this was illegal and ordered the store manager to complete a training course on human rights. Toppers was ordered to pay the woman $20,000. [1] [2]

In a statement following the hearing, the company said this was "an isolated incident", claiming it took equal employment policy very seriously and took the necessary precautions for the future.

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