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Torben Schousboe (October 6, 1937 [1] -December 9, 2017 Odense) [2] was a Danish music researcher and writer. After completing organ studies in 1960, he graduated from Copenhagen University, where he taught from 1972 to 1996. He is known above all for his work on Carl Nielsen. In 1983 he published, in collaboration with Nielsen's daughter Irmelin Eggert Møller, the composer's diaries and correspondence with his wife Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. [3] [4]

Schousboe was organist and cantor in Copenhagen's Emdrup Church from its opening in 1961 until 1996. He taught at the University of Copenhagen's Musicology Institute, specializing in the history of music and music theory. He catalogued the works of Carl Nielsen in collaboration with Dan Fog: Carl Nielsen: Kompositioner, en bibliografi (1965). [5]


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Symphony No. 4, Op. 29, FS 76, also known as "The Inextinguishable", was completed by Danish composer Carl Nielsen in 1916. Composed against the backdrop of the First World War, this symphony is among the most dramatic that Nielsen wrote, featuring a "battle" between two sets of timpani.

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Carl Nielsen's Chaconne, Op. 32, is among the composer's most frequently played compositions for piano.

Carl Nielsen's String Quartet No. 2 in F minor or Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in F minor, Opus 5, was composed in 1890, partly in Denmark but mostly in Germany where the composer was travelling on a stipend. The second of Nielsen's four string quartets in the official series, it was first performed privately for Joseph Joachim on 18 November 1890 at the Hochschule für Ausübende Tonkunst in Berlin.

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Anne Marie Frederikke Telmányi née Nielsen (1893–1983) was a Danish painter and writer. In addition to landscapes and mythological subjects, she is remembered in particular for her portraits of important figures of the times. Her writings include a biography of her mother, Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen, who was also an artist. Her father was the composer Carl Nielsen and husband was the Hungarian violinist Emil Telmányi.

Equestrian statue of Christian IX, Copenhagen

The equestrian statue of Christian IX, overlooking Christiansborg Ridebane on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen, Denmark, was created by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. Unveiled in 1927, it was the first equestrian statue of a monarch created by a woman sculptor.

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