Triplesplit Series, Vol. 1

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Triplesplit Series, Vol. 1
SA triplesplit1 cover SA005.jpg
Studio album by Before Braille, Fivespeed, Andherson
Released Dec. 1, 2000
Recorded Flying Blanket Recording, et al.
Genre Progressive Rock, Indie rock, Emo
Label Sunset Alliance (SA 005)

Triplesplit Series, Vol. 1 was one of Sunset Alliance's first releases, and remains one of its best selling records. It features Andherson, Before Braille, and Fivespeed, each of whom would make an appearance on the popular Emo Diaries series on Deep Elm Records. [1] [2] [3] This record comes at an interesting time for each of the bands, as Fivespeed had just opened for Jimmy Eat World at the release of Bleed American, [4] Before Braille was preparing to enter the studio to start recording its full-length album, [4] and Andherson had a "homecoming" of sorts in the Phoenix metro-area with this release, after having relocated to Berkeley, California. [4]

Before Braille

Before Braille is an independent rock band from Mesa, Arizona known for its DIY work ethic and as a pioneer of Arizona's emo-core movement, or as they liked to call it, "480-area-core," during the early 2000s.

Fivespeed was an American rock band, formed in Peoria, Arizona in 1997, and later based in Phoenix, Arizona. While in the beginning, Fivespeed's style was greatly influenced by the punk and hard-core movements, its later efforts could be described as a mixture of nu metal and mainstream rock.

Deep Elm Records is an independent record label releasing albums by bands such as Lights & Motion, The Appleseed Cast, Brandtson, The White Octave, and Planes Mistaken for Stars. It has released a number of compilation album, such as The Emo Diaries.


Originally, as can be implied by its name, this was intended to be the first of a series of three-way split EPs. [4] In fact, plans were laid for a "Volume 2," which was to be released with Fueled by Ramen records and carry the bands Before Braille, Seven Storey, and the Go Reflex (Bob Hoag's post Pollen band). [4] However, the fact that Before Braille soon thereafter signed a contract with Aezra Records which prohibited them from contributing to any compilations, [5] and that the lead-singer of Before Braille, David Jensen, is also the owner of Sunset Alliance, may have and led future editions of this project to be shelved.

Fueled by Ramen LLC is an American record label owned by Warner Music Group and distributed by Atlantic Records. The label, founded in Gainesville, Florida, is now based in New York City.

Bob Hoag is an American record producer, songwriter and musician based in Mesa, Arizona. In 2005, he was recruited to be the pianist and keyboardist for American rock band The Ataris.

Pollen was a power pop band originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They released four albums and two split records over their eight years together.

Track listing

1."Blood Over Wine by Fivespeed"3:23
2."Kid by Fivespeed"2:36
3."Fallen Through by Fivespeed"2:26
4."Select Start by Before Braille"3:19
5."Red Tape by Before Braille"3:27
6."Low End of Luxury by Before Braille"4:37
7."Perennial by Andherson"6:17
8."Small Concession by Andherson"3:52
9."41st by Andherson"6:24

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Seven Storey Mountain is an American rock group from Phoenix, Arizona. The group's music is heavily influenced by the early Washington, D.C. post-hardcore scene.

The Emo Diaries is a series of twelve compilation albums released by Deep Elm Records between 1997 and 2011. The series had an open submissions policy and featured mostly acts that were unsigned at the time of the albums' releases. Deep Elm founder John Szuch claims that the original name for the series was intended to be The Indie Rock Diaries, but this was ruled out by the fact that the first volume included Jimmy Eat World and Samiam, who were both signed to major record labels. The Emo Diaries was chosen because The Emotional Diaries was too long to fit on the album cover. Despite the title, the bands featured in the series have a diversity of sounds that do not all necessarily fit into the emo style of rock music. Andy Greenwald, in his book Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo, claims that the series "stake[s] a claim for emo as more a shared aesthetic than a genre":

[T]he bands included hail from all over the world, and the musical styles range from racing punk to droopy, noodley electro. Still, the prevalence of the series—coupled with its maudlin subtitles and manic-depressive tattoo cover art—did much to codify the word "emo" and spread it to all corners of the underground.

<i>The Hope I Hide Inside</i> 2004 compilation album by Deep Elm Records

The Hope I Hide Inside is the tenth installment in The Emo Diaries series of compilation albums, released April 27, 2004 by Deep Elm Records. As with all installments in the series, the label had an open submissions policy for bands to submit material for the compilation, and as a result the music does not all fit within the emo style. As with the rest of the series, The Hope I Hide Inside features mostly unsigned bands contributing songs that were previously unreleased.

<i>Taking Back Whats Ours</i> 2007 compilation album by Deep Elm Records

Taking Back What's Ours is the eleventh installment in The Emo Diaries series of compilation albums, released December 3, 2007 by Deep Elm Records. The label had unofficially halted the series after the release of its tenth chapter in 2004, citing the "bastardization" of the term "emo" among its reasons, but decided to resurrect it three years later:

In 2004, Deep Elm Record's legendary compilation series The Emo Diaries unofficially came to rest as the longest running compilation series in the history of indie rock with its tenth chapter and a total of 135 unreleased songs. Deep Elm cited the bastardization of the term "emo" in today's pop culture, as well as mainstream's stranglehold and subsequent commercialization of the genre, which placed the focus squarely on the aesthetic...not the music, the energy or the passion. Essentially, Deep Elm refused to play the game and closed the doors on the genre they helped to document, nurture and expose to the world. But this is 2007 and Deep Elm is Taking Back What's Ours.

Sunset Alliance Records is an independent record label based in Mesa, Arizona. It is owned and operated by David Jensen.

<i>The Rumor</i> (Before Braille album) album by Before Braille

The Rumor is the first studio album recorded by indie rock band Before Braille. It was originally released on September 10, 2002 by Aezra Records and distributed by BMG. Ownership of the album has since passed to Sunset Alliance Records.

<i>Cattle Punching on a Jack Rabbit</i> extended play by Before Braille

Cattle Punching on a Jack Rabbit is Before Braille's third studio recording and was released as a limited release Extended Play in 2004 by Sunset Alliance Records.

<i>Balance and Timing</i> extended play by Before Braille

Balance and Timing is Before Braille's fourth studio recording, released as a "Holiday EP" in 2004 by Sunset Alliance and Bad News Bears Records.

<i>Tired of Not Being Away from Here</i> album by Before Braille

Tired of Not Being Away from Here is the fifth studio album, and second LP, recorded by the indie rock band, Before Braille. It was released in 2005 in the United Kingdom by You and Whose Army? Records, and distributed in the United States by Sunset Alliance and Common Wall Media.

Rajiv Patel American musician

Rajiv Patel is a musician and virtuoso solo-guitarist from Mesa, Arizona.

The Letterpress

The Letterpress was a rock band from Mesa, Arizona, most widely known for its lack of guitars, as the band originally only consisted of two basses and a drum set.

Tickertape Parade was a band from Arizona that gained quick success on the indie scene, but burned out quickly before really establishing itself.

Loyal Wife band from Arizona

Loyal Wife is a band from Mesa, Arizona. It is former Before Braille frontman David Jensen's latest project.

Art for Starters

Art for Starters is a band from Mesa, Arizona. It is essentially former Before Braille frontman David Jensen's solo project.

Half Visconte was an Indie rock band from Tempe, Arizona fronted by Scott Tennent and Rich Minardi. Scott was owner and operator of the now-defunct label, This Argonaut Records, and the former manager of the Phoenix indie/art rock-music venue Modified Arts. At that time Mike Wright, original drummer, also owned The Argo which was a warehouse venue designed to support touring bands by the collection of donations and support of volunteer work offered by the local underground music community.

<i>Not One Light Red: A Modified Document</i> album

Not One Light Red: A Modified Document is a compilation album created by Scott Tennent and David Jensen to serve 3 essential missions. Its first mission was to create a record that would showcase and introduce local Phoenix bands to the rest of the United States. Second, it was supposed to serve to help promote the local Phoenix music and art venue, The Modified. Finally, it was to serve as a springboard for a national independent record label based in the Phoenix area along the same lines as Kill Rock Stars in Olympia, Washington and Dischord Records in Washington, D.C.

<i>Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message</i> album by Before Braille

Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message is the sixth studio album, and third LP, recorded by the indie rock band, Before Braille. It was released in 2009 by Sunset Alliance.

<i>Spring Cleaning</i> (album) album by Before Braille

Spring Cleaning is the sixth studio album released by the indie rock band Before Braille. It was released on July 2, 2009 by Sunset Alliance Records.