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Tristan Dyer is an American film director, stop-motion animator, and Iraq war veteran from Waldoboro, Maine. [1] He served in the U.S. Army for five years and spent one year at Camp Taji, Iraq with an Air Cavalry unit. After being honorably discharged from the Army in 2005, Dyer attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, California where he earned a BA in Visual Journalism. [2] [3]


Dyer's film, "The Other Way Out", won the 2009 Best Animation award at New England film festival and, that same year, the film won an Alliance for Community Media award for best non-professional animation. A year later, he was awarded a fellowship with Operation In Their Boots, a production of Brave New Foundation, to make a film about Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans and substance abuse. [4] [5] [6] CNN listed Dyer on their July 5, 2010 Intriguing People list. [7]

Tristan currently lives in Ventura, CA with his wife, Ineke. [8]

The Other Way Out

"The Other Way Out" is the story of how one woman escaped a 15-year addiction to opiates. Narrated by herself, she recalls the experience of her addiction and the use of a controversial method of recovery called Ibogaine, which is illegal in the United States. Her tale is illustrated through stop-motion animation and time-lapse photography. [9]

Enduring Erebus

"Enduring Erebus" uses stop-motion animation to delve into the psyche of abuse and recovery in U.S. combat veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans whose self-medication with drugs and alcohol has spiraled out of control narrate the film. [10] [11]

Enduring Erebus premiered on November 9, 2010, at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, California along with the four other Operation In Their Boots documentaries. All five films are currently online. [12]

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In Their Boots is a documentary series about the impact the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan are having on people at home in the United States. Every episode features a documentary about how the servicemen and women of the American armed forces, their families, and American communities have been changed by the nation's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The show has covered issues such as the effects of deployment, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, recovery from physical injury, military widows, partners of gays in the military, homelessness, women in the military, and sexual assault in the military. In 2010, In Their Boots launched Operation In Their Boots, which gave 5 combat veterans the opportunity to produce and direct their own documentaries.

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Operation In Their Boots (OITB) is a film fellowship launched by the In Their Boots division of Brave New Foundation. The OITB program, led by executive producer Richard Ray Perez, provided five Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with the opportunity to write, produce, and direct their own documentaries about veterans. The film fellowships were fully funded and each participant was provided with a budget to make their film, as well as a stipend for their work. In addition, they were supported by the professional production team at In Their Boots.

Chris Mandia is an American playwright, screenwriter, film director, and Iraq War veteran from San Pedro, California. He was a U.S. Marine infantryman and served two combat tours in Iraq, including the battle for Fallujah. Mandia has won numerous awards for his work and received a Jack Nicholson scholarship to attend the MFA program at the University of Southern California’s film school. In 2010, he received an Operation In Their Boots fellowship and “Get Some,” a film he authored, was a Cannes Film Festival selection. In 2012 he co-wrote the multimedia physical theatre piece, Trajectories: Transformations with Meron Langsner for Evet Arts. The piece was based on interviews with servicemen from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and was performed in Boston and Chicago.

Leroy Petry United States Army Medal of Honor recipient

Leroy Arthur Petry is a now-retired, former career United States Army soldier. He received the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in Afghanistan in 2008 during Operation Enduring Freedom.

James Patrick Hunter, of South Amherst, Ohio, was an Army journalist stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Hunter was the first Army journalist to die in combat since the beginning of the War in Afghanistan.


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