Troja (band)

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Troja during a live performance in Prishtina, Kosovo
Background information
Origin Pristina, Kosovo
Genres Heavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock
Years active1990–present
Website Official homepage
MembersBujar Berisha
Florent Bajrami
Violand Shabani
Agron Ejupi

Troja is a Kosovar heavy metal band which consists of Bujar Berisha (vocals), Florent Bajrami (guitar), Violand Shabani (drums) and Agron Ejupi (bass). The band was originally formed by Ismajl (Mak) Beqaj (bass guitar) and Tomorr (Toma) Arifi (vocals) in 1990 in Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia. The same year Florent Bajrami (guitar) and Visar Blaku (drums) joined the band. Florent Bajrami remains the only original member of the band.


Band history

The band was founded in 1990. Before they recorded their first album called People the band produced their first songs "Ekzistenca" (Existence) and "Për Bekin" (For Beki) at the Enis Presheva studio. The recording for their first album, "People", started in 1997 but the album was not published until 2003. In the mid-90s Beqaj and Blaku departed from the band and were replaced by Agron Ejupi on bass guitar and Bujar Berisha on drums. In 2006 singer Tomorr Arifi left the band and drummer Bujar Berisha took on vocal duties. Bujar was replaced on the drums by Violand (Land) Shabani. In 2009 they produced their second studio album Amaneti - I Clown It. In 1994 the band won the best rock band award at the Boom Festival. The video People was awarded for the best Albanian rock video in 2003 and best camera direction. In 2007 they were participants at "SubKultura Urbane" which was broadcast live at Reception Room in Pristina. In 2009 they recorded a new video called Amaneti i Clown-it which was awarded for the best video at Top Fest in Tirana, Albania and was also the winner of the Best Video award. [1]

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