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Members of Tsatthoggua
Background information
Origin Marl, Germany
Genres Black metal
Speed metal
Years active1989 − 2000
Labels Osmose
Associated acts Eternal Dirge
Website home.snafu.de/tsatthoggua/
Past membersNorth Wind
Perverted Pete
Nar Marratuk
False Prophet
Lightning Bolt

Tsatthoggua was a German hyperspeed black metal band from Germany formed in 1989. The band used to be called Dissection (not to be confused with Swedish black metal band Dissection). Their music is described by the band as "Satanic, sado-maso hyperspeed metal" on their Trans Cunt Whip CD, and described by guitarist Nar Marratuk in an interview as "German black speed metal in the tradition of Sodom, Kreator or Darkness".


Tsatthoggua have a lyrical and thematic focus on literature and enjoyment (including sado-masochism) rather than on death, hate and misanthropy like various other metal bands. Nar Marratuk states "We adore the fun in life like drugs, alcohol, noise and sex." [1]

The band released four self-financed promo/demo tapes and CDs between 1990 and 1995 prior to their CDs Hosanna Bizarre and Trans Cunt Whip released through Osmose Productions. [2] Extazia was due for release through Necropolis Records in 2000 but is unavailable due to the collapse of Necropolis Records. [3] Tsatthoggua disbanded on June 23, 2000. [4]


"Tsathoggua" is the name of an ancient powerful god in the horror stories by Clark Ashton Smith and H. P. Lovecraft. The god is described as a big black toad or frog with wings.







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