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The village of Ulimang is where the Ngaraard State Office (Ngaraard Branch) is located. Note: Another state office branch is located in Meketii, Koror. Ngaraard Elementary school is located here. Ulimang's coast is an orange, sandy beach, and a small, high dock reaching out into the ocean. There is a large, red, public resting house near the dock. The villages of Ngesang in Elab are located north of this village. To the west is Ngebuked and to the south is Ngkeklau.

Ngaraard State in Palau

Ngaraard is the eighth state of the Republic of Palau, and was originally named Kerradel. Ngaraard is located on the northern tip of Babeldaob directly adjacent to Ngarchelong state. There are five hamlets in Ngaraard, including Choll, Elab, Ngebuked, Ngkeklau and the state capital, Ulimang, located on the eastern shore of the state. Previously, the capital of Ngaraard was the village of Ngebuked, where the traditional leader of the state, Maderangebuked, lived and reigned. There is a saying in Ngaraard, A rengud a dokngei, meaning "everyone works together as one in spirit and in the heart."

Ngesang, a small portion of the village of Elab is an area where most of Elab's inhabitants live. It is also the location of Ngaraard's Bethania High School for girls. Ngesang is located on the eastern shore of Ngaraard State. It has shady beaches canopied with large trees. On the northern end of Ngesang is the beginning of the ancient stone pathways that connects the east and the west coasts. Ngesang is also the location of the Catholic Church of Ngaraard.

Elab (Chelab) is a village in the state of Ngaraard, north of the villages of Ngebuked and Ulimang. It is the home to Ngaraard's only private Christian (Protestant) high school, Bethania Girl's High School in Ngesang, a small portion of Elab village. In Ngesang, there is a Catholic church located here and a beautiful, white and shady beach, with rock outcroppings.

How to get to Ulimang is to go north on the compact road and when you see a sign that says Ngebuked, go down that road and turn right. Keep on driving straight along the road until you see a sign that says Ngaraard Evangelical Church. When you see it, you are in Ulimang.

Coordinates: 7°37′N134°38′E / 7.617°N 134.633°E / 7.617; 134.633

Geographic coordinate system Coordinate system

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Ngebuked is a village on the west coast of Ngaraard State, Palau, where the Chief of Ngaraard, Maderangebuked is from. It has many stone pathways, ruins and graves scattered all over the surrounding hamlet. Its ruins consist of multi-leveled platforms where clans and families lived. At the center of the ancient site is the Bai ra Ngeruau, a large high platform where a bai, or men's meeting house, stood. The village even has a man-made channel from the sea for easy fishing and transportation access in ancient times.

Chol (Choll) is a village at the northern end of Ngaraard State in Palau. This village consists of a large, long beach that runs along its entire east coast. The village has a series of ancient paths and platforms, similar to the rest of the villages in Ngaraard. There is also a large man-made channel that connects the village to the sea on the western coast. At the center of village, along the compact road, there is a small marketplace with benches where one can purchase some village refreshments.

Ngkeklau is a populated area in the southern region of the state of Ngaraard in the Republic of Palau. The town has a small population, on the east coastal plains of Ngaraard. The town includes several ancient relics of stone, such as stone paths, platforms, and burial sites.

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Ollei is a small fishing village in the Pacific island nation of Palau. It has a population of slightly over 100 people and is located in the State of Ngarchelong, near the northern tip of the Babeldaob island. The village is built along a single road which connects it the rest of the island. Facing west from the village is a large boating dock, which juts out about one fifth of a mile into the ocean. The nearest populated village is that of Mengellang, the capital of the state.