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Unic is a former French car manufacturer.

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Unic automobile manufacturer

Unic was a French manufacturer founded in 1905, and active as an automobile producer until July 1938. After this the company continued to produce commercial vehicles, retaining its independence for a further fourteen years before being purchased in 1952 by Henri Pigozzi, who was keen to develop Unic as a commercial vehicle arm of the then flourishing Simca business.

University of Calabria Italian university

The University of Calabria is a state-run university in Italy. Located in Arcavacata, a hamlet of Rende in the Province of Cosenza, the university was founded in 1972. Among its founders there were Beniamino Andreatta, Giorgio Gagliani, Pietro Bucci and Paolo Sylos Labini. It currently has about 35,000 students, 800 teaching and research staff and about 700 administrative staff.

BC UNICS professional basketball club in Kazan, Russia

BC UNICS is a professional basketball club in Kazan, Russia, that plays in the VTB United League and EuroCup. Their home arena is Basket-Hall Kazan.

Basket-Hall Kazan A basketball specialized indoor arena located in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.

Basket-Hall Kazan is a basketball specialized indoor arena that is located in Kazan, Russia. It is primarily used for basketball, but it can also be used for volleyball and concerts. It contains two basketball halls.

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban basketball team

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban is a Russian professional basketball team that is based in Krasnodar. The club participates in the VTB United League, and EuroCup. The team is one of the top tier basketball teams in Russia.

Unicity refers to various things.

Evgeniy Pashutin Russian basketball player

Evgeniy Yuryevich Pashutin is a retired Russian professional basketball player and currently the head coach for Lokomotiv Kuban of the Russian VTB United League.

Kostas Kaimakoglou Greek professional basketball player

Konstantinos "Kostas" Kaimakoglou is a Greek professional basketball player for UNICS Kazan of the VTB United League. He is 2.06 m (6'9") tall, and his main position is power forward, but he can also play as a small ball center if needed.

The Ultraperformance Nanophotonic Intrachip Communications (UNIC) program is a project of DARPA. It is dedicated to funding projects by chip makers to create nanophotonic microprocessors.

Russian Basketball Cup

The Russian Basketball Cup is the primary professional national domestic basketball cup competition of Russia.

The VTB United League 2009–10 was the first complete season of the VTB United League, which is Eastern Europe's top-tier level competition for men's professional basketball clubs.

Terrell Lyday is an American former professional basketball player. Standing at 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m), he played at the shooting guard position.

The VTB United League 2010–11 was the second complete season of the VTB United League, which is Eastern Europe's top-tier level men's professional club basketball competition. The tournament featured 12 teams, from 8 countries.

The VTB United League 2011–12 was the third complete season of the VTB United League, which is Northern Europe and Eastern Europe's top-tier level men's professional club basketball competition. The tournament featured 18 teams, from 10 countries.

Valery Likhodey Russian basketball player

Valery Vitalevich Likhodey is a Russian professional basketball player.

The Russian Professional Basketball League Awards were the awards that were given out by the former top-tier level professional basketball league in Russia, the Russian Professional Basketball League (PBL).

The 2016 VTB United League Playoffs was the deciding play-off tournament that decided the champion of the 2015–16 VTB United League season. The eight teams that finished highest in the regular season were qualified. The Playoffs started on April 29 and ended on June 8, 2016. The champions or runners-up of the Playoffs would qualify for the 2016–17 EuroLeague, dependent on the position of automatically placed CSKA Moscow. CSKA Moscow won the championship, after beating runners-up UNICS that qualified for the EuroLeague as runners-up.

The 2016–17 EuroLeague Regular Season were played from 12 October 2016 to 7 April 2017. A total of 16 teams competed in the regular season to decide the eight places of the playoffs.

United Nations Information Centres

United Nations Information Centres (UNIC) is an organization which was established in the year 1946. Its headquarters is in New York, USA, and it currently works worldwide in 63 countries. These centres are managed by the United Nations to exchange & provide current happenings to the world. They are directed by the Department of Public Information of the UN Secretariat to communicate problems related to the Organization. All development projects are reviewed and approved by DPI. These projects are thematic promotional campaigns of the issues related to UN and publicized through the regional information centres.

The 2018–19 EuroCup Basketball Playoffs began on 5 March and will end on 12 or 15 April 2019 with the second or third leg, if necessary, of the 2019 EuroCup Finals, to decide the champions of the 2018–19 EuroCup Basketball. Eight teams compete in the playoffs.