Uniqa Classic

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Uniqa Classic
Race details
Region Austria
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition1953 (1953)
Final edition2005
First winnerFlag of Austria.svg  Frank Becksteiner  (AUT)
Most winsFlag of Austria.svg  Roman Humenberger  (AUT)
Flag of Italy.svg  Maurizio Vandelli  (ITA)(3 wins)
Final winnerFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Bram de Groot  (NED)

The Uniqa Classic was a staged cycling race held in Austria. It was created in 1953 and was part of UCI Europe Tour in 2005 as a 2.1 event, but has not been held since. Its main sponsor was insurance company Uniqa, which the race was named after.


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