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UNT Opera Workshop, Murchison Performing Arts Center, University of North Texas College of Music (photo by Craig D. Blackmon, FAIA, courtesy of Holzman Moss Architecture) UNT Opera Workshop Studio.jpg
UNT Opera Workshop, Murchison Performing Arts Center, University of North Texas College of Music (photo by Craig D. Blackmon, FAIA, courtesy of Holzman Moss Architecture)

The University of North Texas Opera, aka UNT Opera Workshop, is the student performing company of the Opera Studies Department of the Vocal Studies Division (one of eight divisions) of the University of North Texas College of Music.



Founded in 1944 by the college's dean, Wilfred Bain, and a newly appointed artist-in-residence, Mary McCormic, the Opera Workshop has presented one or more operatic productions every semester since inception — fully mounted with orchestra, set, lighting, and costumes. Opera productions at the College of Music predate the founding of the Opera Workshop. In one notable instance, in 1938, North Texas produced Cynthia Parker, an opera by Julia Smith, who had graduated from North Texas in 1930. [1]

UNT College of Music divisions

Academic and Performance Divisions
Composition StudiesConducting & EnsemblesInstrumental StudiesJazz StudiesKeyboard StudiesMusic EducationMusic History,
Theory and Ethnomusicology
Vocal Studies

Directors, Past & Present

1944–1960 Mary McCormic (1895–1981)
1960–1967 Eugene Conley (1908–1981)
1967–1970Donald Kerne (1928–2000)
1970–1974Arthur Paul Schoep, DMA (1920–2001) (hosted monthly Music of North Texas on KERA and WRR)
1974–1976Jeannine Crader (born 1929)
1976–1980Thomas Holliday (born 1945)
1981–1991Dennis Wakeling (1939–1992) and Jeannine Crader (born 1929)
Spring 1992Anthony Addison (born 1926)
Fall 1992–Spring 2017Paula Homer (born 1953)
Fall 2017–presentJonathan Eaton

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