Upper Canada Brewing Company

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Upper Canada Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic drink
Headquarters Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Products Beer
Owner Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

Upper Canada Brewing Company is a division of Sleeman Breweries in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Frank Heaps and Larry Sherwood (of Granville Island Brewery) in Toronto, it started brewing beer in 1985 [1] and grew to become one of the largest independent breweries in Canada. [2]

While an independent, the brewery's location was at 2 Atlantic Ave. in Toronto [3] and included a "gift shop" that allowed the independent brewer to sell alcohol on Sunday, something that Ontario's licensed outlet Beer Store chain, which had a virtual monopoly on beer sales, was not permitted to do at the time.

The company was sold to private investors in 1995, went public in 1996, [4] and was finally acquired by Sleeman Breweries in 1998. [5]

Sleeman purchased the company for $28 million and reduced the number of Upper Canada products since they were competing with the Sleeman line. [6] The new owners also closed the Toronto brewery and moved the operations to its Guelph, Ontario facility. Two brands are manufactured: Upper Canada Lager, a German-style lager and Upper Canada Dark Ale, "with a robust malty character and a rich chestnut colour". [7]

After the sale to Sleeman, Heaps provided some funding to his son Cameron and his partners Greg Taylor and Greg Cromwell, all formerly employees of Upper Canada, who opened another Toronto-based brewery in 2000, Steam Whistle Brewing. [8] [9]

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Cream ale is a style of American beer which is light in color and is well attenuated. First crafted in the mid-1800s at various breweries in the United States, cream ale remained a very localized form with different styles until the early 20th century. During Prohibition in the United States, a great number of Canadian brewers took up brewing cream ale, refining it to some degree. Following the end of Prohibition, cream ale from Canada became popular in the United States and the style was produced anew in both nations.

George Sleeman was a brewer, a major figure in Canadian baseball, and a politician in Ontario, Canada. He was mayor of Guelph from 1880 to 1882 and from 1905 to 1906. Sleeman was also the president of the Guelph Rifle Association for 20 years, president of the Guelph Turf Club, president of the Guelph Bicycle Club, and, for four years, president of the Ontario Brewing and Malting Association. He helped establish the Royal City Curling Club. His brewery also sponsored an amateur baseball team called the Silver Creek Club.


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