Uzbekistan women's national rugby union team

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UnionUzbekistan Rugby Union
World Rugby ranking
Current45 (as of 23 November 2020)
First international
Hong Kong  Flag of Hong Kong.svg 6-8 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan (2008)
Biggest win
Singapore  Flag of Singapore.svg 0-15 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan (2008)
Biggest defeat
Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg 64-3 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan (2008)

The Uzbekistan women's national rugby union team first played in 2008.[ citation needed ]



Results summary

(Full internationals only)

Rugby: Uzbekistan internationals 2008-
OpponentFirst gamePlayedWonDrawnLostPercentage
Flag of Hong Kong.svg  Hong Kong 200811000.00%
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan 200820020.00%
Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore 200811000.00%
Summary 2008-420250.00%


See Women's international rugby for information about the status of international games and match numbering

Full internationals

2008-06-03 (AC) Hong Kong  Flag of Hong Kong.svg6-8 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan [8/1/1]
2008-06-05 (AC) Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg64-3 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan [40/2/1]
2008-06-07 (AC) Singapore  Flag of Singapore.svg0-15 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan [7/2/1]
2011-05-14 Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg58-3 Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan Kazakh National University [51/4/2]

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Uzbekistan Sovereign state in Central Asia

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a country in Central Asia. It is one of two doubly landlocked countries as it is surrounded by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan is a secular, unitary constitutional republic. It comprises 12 provinces (vilayats) and one autonomous republic, Karakalpakstan. The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

World Rugby

World Rugby is the world governing body for the sport of rugby union. World Rugby organises the Rugby World Cup every four years, the sport's most recognised and most profitable competition. It also organises a number of other international rugby competitions, such as the World Rugby Sevens Series, the Rugby World Cup Sevens, the World Under 20 Championship, and the Pacific Nations Cup.

The culture of Uzbekistan has a wide mix of ethnic groups and cultures, with the Uzbeks being the majority group. In 1995, about 71% of Uzbekistan's population was Uzbek. The chief minority groups were Russians (8.4%), Tajiks, Kazaks (4.1%), Tatars (2.4%), and Karakalpaks (2.1%), and other minority groups include Armenians and Koryo-saram. It is said however that the number of non-indigenous people living in Uzbekistan is decreasing as Russians and other minority groups slowly leave and Uzbeks return from other parts of the former Soviet Union.

The Mongolian national rugby union team represents Mongolia in international rugby union play. Mongolia is a member of the International Rugby Board (IRB), and has yet to play in a Rugby World Cup. The Mongolian Rugby Football Union (MRFU), which governs the sport of rugby in the country, was established in 2003.

The Uzbekistan national rugby union team is a member of World Rugby and has yet to play in a Rugby World Cup tournament. The Rugby Federation in Uzbekistan was established in 2001.

The Soviet Union women's national rugby union team were the women's national rugby union team of the Soviet Union. They played six matches between 1990 and 1991, losing them all. The team was severely underfunded, surviving the 1991 Women's Rugby World Cup by bartering and selling items of kit and other artefacts such as vodka. They ceased playing after 1991, because of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Asia Rugby

Asia Rugby, formerly the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU), is the governing body of rugby union in Asia under the authority of World Rugby. Founded in 1968 by eight charter nations, the Union today has 31 member unions in countries across Asia, stretching from Kazakhstan to Guam.

The most successful teams in women's international rugby union have been England, France, and New Zealand.

Rugby union in Kyrgyzstan is a minor but growing sport.

Rugby union in Mongolia is a minor but growing sport. Mongolia is represented in international matches by the Mongolia national rugby union team, which compete in the annual Asian Five Nations tournament.

Rugby union in Uzbekistan is a minor but growing sport.

Lebanon national rugby union team

The Lebanese National Rugby Union team have yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup. Lebanon played their first test match against Jordan on 14 May 2010 in Dubai The Phoenix currently competes in the Asian Rugby Football Union's, Asian Rugby Championship in Division Three West. In November 2018 Lebanon Rugby attained World Rugby Associate Membership.

Asia Rugby Womens Sevens Series

The Asia Rugby Women's Sevens Series is the regional championship for women's international rugby sevens in Asia. Initially contested as a single tournament, the championship was expanded into a two-tournament series in 2014. The competition is sanctioned and sponsored by Asia Rugby, which is the rugby union governing body for the region.

Uzbekistan womens national football team Womens national association football team for Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan women's national football team is the female representative football team for Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan at the 2012 Summer Olympics Sporting event delegation

Uzbekistan competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, from July 27 to August 12, 2012. This was the nation's fifth consecutive appearance at the Olympics. The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan sent the nation's smallest delegation to the Games in the post-Soviet era. A total of 54 athletes, 36 men and 18 women, competed in 13 sports. There was only a single competitor in fencing, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics, shooting and tennis.

Women in Uzbekistan

The social and legal situation of women in Uzbekistan has been influenced by local traditions, religion, the earlier Soviet regime and changing social norms since independence.

The Uzbekistan Rugby Federation is the governing body for rugby union in Uzbekistan. The Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan was established in 2002, becoming a full member of ARFU and full member of World Rugby.

Uzbekistan at the 2016 Summer Olympics Sporting event delegation

Uzbekistan competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016. This was the nation's sixth consecutive appearance at the Summer Olympics in the post-Soviet era.

Sri Lanka's women's national rugby sevens team represents Sri Lanka in Rugby sevens at international level.