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Advertisement for Shadows of Suspicion , Lockwood's last film as he died of influenza during production

Yorke Film Corporation was a film company. The company's films were distributed by Metro Pictures. Fred J. Balshofer and Joseph Engel were involved with the company. [1] Balshofer formed the company to produce films pairing the popular Harold Lockwood and May Allison. Lockwood died of influenza in 1918. [2] The company relocated to Los Angeles and took over a studio from Nevada Film Company. [3]


A photograph of Lockwood with two child actors was taken during production of Big Tremaine . [4]

On December 2, 1916, May Allison was featured on the cover of Motography while she was part of Yorke Film Company.

Many of the films were shot on location. [5]


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<i>The Masked Rider</i> (1916 film) 1916 film by Fred J. Balshofer

The Masked Rider is a 1916 silent film drama directed by Fred J. Balshofer and starring Harold Lockwood and May Allison. It was distributed by Metro Pictures.


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