1970 Women's World Cup

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The 1970 Women's World Cup (Italian: Coppa del Mondo; sponsored name Martini Rosso Cup) was a non-FIFA sanctioned association football tournament for women which took place in Italy in July 1970. It was won by Denmark, represented by Boldklubben Femina.


The tournament

Seven teams appeared in the tournament - England, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. [1] An eighth team, Czechoslovakia, withdrew. [1] The crowds for the tournament were "30,000-strong". [2] Denmark won the tournament after beating Italy 2–0 in the final. [1]

Later tournaments

The tournament was followed by the 1971 Women's World Cup, and "the series of Mundialito tournaments throughout the 1980s in Italy, and Fifa's Women's Invitation Tournament in China in 1988" before the first official Women's World Cup in China in 1991. [3]


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