3 Skypephone S2

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3 Skypephone S2
Compatible networks UMTS 2100, GSM 900, GSM 1800, PCS1900, GSM 1900, HSDPA, 3G
Availability by regionAugust 2008
Predecessor 3 Skypephone
Dimensions100×44×13.6 mm
Memory50MB internal Expandable to 4GB microSD
Display2.2in QVGA
Rear camera 3.2 Megapixels
Connectivity Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, USB (with Mass Storage Mode and Modem dongle support)

The 3 Skypephone S2 is a UMTS, GSM and VoIP mobile phone. The phone is the successor to 3 Skypephone and the second phone from the 3 Skypephone Series.



The 3 Skypephone S2 runs on the iSkoot for Skype platform to provide its Skype service. iSkoot's shutdown of this service on 20 January 2011 [1] caused this phone to show a non-functioning "click to upgrade" link, although some other phones were not affected. [2] No warning was given by Three for this shutdown, and visiting the Three website shows they removed the Skypephone from their product offerings. This violates Three's own terms and conditions[ citation needed ] and the "Free Skype forever" promise [3] leaving customers very angry and unable to use the arguably main functionality of this phone. [4]

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The specifications released are as follow: [5] [6] [7]

The battery life is as follows:

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3 Skypephone S2x

The 3 Skypephone S2x is an upgrade of the 3 Skypephone S2. It is a slightly different shape and design and has a slightly poorer camera.[ citation needed ]

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