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The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) is the trade group for the political consulting profession in the United States. Founded in 1969, it is the world's largest organization of political consultants, public affairs professionals and communications specialists. [1] Its "multipartisan" membership consists of political consultants, pollsters, media consultants, campaign managers, corporate public affairs officers, professors, lobbyists, fundraisers, congressional staffers, and vendors. [2]


The American Association of Political Consultants maintains a "Code of Professional Ethics" for members.


AAPC Annual Pollie Awards & Conference
Awarded forExcellence in Political consulting
Country United States
Presented byAmerican Association of Political Consultants
First awarded1999

The American Association of Political Consultants hosts the annual Pollie Awards and Conference. The Pollie Awards are the most prestigious awards in the field of political campaign and public affairs industry, in which the AAPC recognizes the best in the business of political professionals in hundreds of political campaign and public affairs categories. [3] A new statue was made by New York firm Society Awards for the 2015 Pollie Awards. The AAPC also hosts several regional conferences throughout the year that feature several panelists who are specialists for the upcoming elections.

The AAPC seeks to set the standards of conduct for political and public affairs consulting through its "Code of Professional Ethics". [4] Applicants for AAPC membership are required to sign the code, and to live by the standards it sets, as a condition of membership in the organization.

Board of Directors

As of 2019, officers of the Board of Directors are: [5]

Chapter Presidents

As of 2019, Chapter Presidents are: [5]

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Tracy Sefl is a communications specialist with expertise in media and issue advocacy. In 2012, she and her colleagues were awarded “Public Affairs Campaign of the Year” from the American Association of Political Consultants. The New York Times has noted her ability to create media “without fingerprints.”

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Neil Newhouse is a co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, a political survey and polling firm, and was the lead pollster for the unsuccessful presidential campaigns of both John McCain and Mitt Romney against Barack Obama.

AAPC may refer to:


RumbleUp is an American company that provides a peer-to-peer text messaging platform for non-profits, political organizations, and public safety announcements. The platform initiates personal conversation between the staff, supporters or designated representatives of organizations and their targeted supporters or clients. It was founded in December 2017 by Thomas Peters.

Ben Nuckels is an American political strategist and former campaign manager. Nuckels is a founding partner of the Washington D.C.-based Democratic media consulting business, Strother Nuckels Strategies.

Aron Shaviv is an international political strategist. He is the founder and CEO of Shaviv Strategy and Campaigns, an international political consulting firm that is based in Israel. Shaviv served as the campaign manager of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 election campaign and advised David Cameron in the 2015 UK general election as well as President Aleksandar Vucic in the 2017 Serbian Presidential elections.


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