Armin Rohde

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Armin Rohde
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Armin Rohde, 2016
Born4 April 1955

Armin Rohde (born 4 April 1955) is a German actor and voice actor.


He was born in Gladbeck.


1992 Schtonk! SS manCredited as Armin Rhode
Little Sharks Bierchen
1994 Der bewegte Mann Metzger
1997 Life is All You Get Harri
1998 Run Lola Run Herr Schuster
2000 Marlene Emil Jannings
2005 A Sound of Thunder John Wallenbeck
2008 Zwei Weihnachtsmänner Weihnachtsmann Erwin
2010 Jew Suss: Rise and Fall Heinrich George
2011 Contagion Damian Leopold
2012 Famous Five Peters
1996 Der Schattenmann  [ de ]
2003 Das Wunder von Lengede
since 2003 Nachtschicht  [ de ]Erich Bo ErichsenTV series, 16 episodes



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