Blaze o' Glory

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Blaze o' Glory
Eddie Dowling Betty Compson Frankie Darro Blaze O Glory.jpg
Scene with Eddie Dowling, Betty Compson and Frankie Darro
Directed by George Crone
Renaud Hoffman
Written by Thomas Alexander Boyd(story:The Long Shot)
Renaud Hoffman
Henry McCarty
Produced byO. E. Goebel
George W. Weeks
Starring Eddie Dowling
Betty Compson
CinematographyHarry Jackson
Edited byArthur Huffsmith
Distributed by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures
Release date
  • December 30, 1929 (1929-12-30)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States

Blaze o' Glory is a 1929 American musical war film directed by George Crone and Renaud Hoffman. It stars Eddie Dowling and Betty Compson. [1]


The soundtrack survives. [2]


At the stand of his murder trial, defendant Eddie Williams recounts his experiences. In 1917, he had a successful Broadway stage career and marriage to Helen Williams. However, with the American entry into World War I he was sent to the Western Front and debilitated by poison gas when saving an Imperial German Army soldier. After returning home Eddie becomes unemployed, while to his chagrin Helen is able to hold a job. After finding Helen in an affair with her employer Carl Hummel, he shoots Hummel in a fit of rage. The District Attorney reveals that Helen only entered the relationship to gain the job to support Eddie, and they reconcile. Although Eddie confessed to the murder, the jury acquits him.


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