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Blendtec Inc.
Consumer Goods
FounderTom Dickson
Area served
Key people
Tom Dickson, CEO [1]
ProductsClassic, Designer and Professional Series Blenders [2]
Parent K-TEC, Inc.

Blendtec is a company that sells commercial and residential blenders. It is a division of K-TEC, Inc. [3] The founder of Blendtec is Tom Dickson. [3] The company was founded in 1975 and as of 2016 still operates primarily from Orem, Utah, United States. [4]



Blendtec is popularly known for its Will It Blend? viral marketing campaign, [5] where Dickson blends different products, including iPods, iPhones, marbles, golf balls, remote controls and much more. Dickson was featured in the “How I Made My Millions” CNBC series that highlight the stories of companies that are huge but were a startup at some point. [6] The episode 21 of the series, Mix Master – Blendtec, discusses the resources that Dickson used to create the ‘Will It Blend?’ campaign and evoke the business. [7]


In February 2006, Blendtec sued Vitamix Corporation for infringing its patents on Blendtec's "Wild Side" jar design, which Vitamix had allegedly copied as its own MP and XP containers. The court concluded Vitamix had infringed Blendtec's patents, and awarded Blendtec total damages of approximately $24 million, the largest patent-related penalty in the history of Utah. [8]

In July 2013, Blendtec won the 2013 Gold Innovation Award for innovations delivered by Blendtec's Signature Series and Stealth lines of blenders. [9]

In June 2017, the company was awarded the 2017 Kitchen Innovations Award for its Nitro Blending System. [10] [11] [12]

Blendtec is the parent company of the nutrition company Blendfresh, which was launched on July 14, 2014. [13]


Home Blenders
Commercial Blenders [14]
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