Castle (Sherman Chung album)

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Studio album by Sherman Chung
Released March 25, 2008
Genre Cantopop
Label Music Plus
Sherman Chung chronology
Good Girl?
Thunder Party

Castle is Sherman Chung's second album, released by EEG Emperor Entertainment Group in 2008. [1]

Sherman Chung Hong Kong singer

Sherman Chung Shu-man, is a Hong Kong cantopop singer. She started her career after winning the 2005 EEG Singing Contest. During 2006, she underwent a series of intensive training and released her first single "The Throes of Master" (高手過招) in 2007.

Track listing

CD [1]
  1. 扭曲 (Niŭqū; Twisted)
  2. 我的青春幽靈 (Wŏ de Qīngchūn Yōulíng; My Teen Spirit)
  3. 堡壘 (Băolĕi; Castle)
  4. 請你合作 (Qĭng Nĭ Hézuò; Please Cooperate)
  5. I Don't Care
  6. 億萬少女 (Yì Wàn Shào Nǚ; Billionaire Girl)
  7. 陽光小小姐 (Yángguāng Xiăoxiăo Jie; Little Miss Sunshine)
  8. 紅茶易冷 (Hóng Chá Yìlĕng; Chilling Red Tea)
  9. 剛剛好 (Gānggang Hăo; Just Fine)
  10. 扶手電梯 (Fúshŏu Diàntī; Escalator)

The CD+DVD edition includes a DVD with four music videos: [1]

  1. 扭曲 (Niŭqū; Twisted)
  2. 堡壘 (Băolĕi; Castle)
  3. 請你合作 (Qĭng Nĭ Hézuò; Please Cooperate)
  4. 陽光小小姐 (Yángguāng Xiăoxiăo Jie; Little Miss Sunshine)

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