Thunder Party

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Thunder Party
Studio album by Sherman Chung
Released November 26, 2008
Genre Cantopop
Label Emperor Entertainment Group
Sherman Chung chronology
Castle Thunder Party A Letter To Myself (給自己的信)

Thunder Party is a 2008 album by Cantopop singer Sherman Chung.

Cantopop music genre

Cantopop or HK-pop is a genre of popular music written in standard modern Chinese but sung in Cantonese. Cantopop is also used to refer to the cultural context of its production and consumption. The genre began in the 1970s and became associated with Hong Kong popular music from the middle of the decade. Cantopop then reached its height of popularity in the 1980s and 1990s before slowly declining in the 2000s and slight revival in the 2010s. The term "Cantopop" itself was coined in 1978 after "Cantorock", a term first used in 1974. Cantopop reached its highest glory with a fanbase and concert reaching Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan especially with the influx of songs from Hong Kong movies.

Sherman Chung Hong Kong singer

Sherman Chung Shu-man, is a Hong Kong cantopop singer. She started her career after winning the 2005 EEG Singing Contest. During 2006, she underwent a series of intensive training and released her first single "The Throes of Master" (高手過招) in 2007.

Track listing

The release includes the following tracks. [1]

  1. 八十誡 (80 Commandments)
  2. 細細粒 (Tiny Tablets)
  3. 紅磚 (Red Brick)
  4. 野百合 (Wild Lily)
  5. Best Time
  6. Shut Up
  7. 買得到 (Able To Buy)
  8. 眼睛不說謊 (Eyes Don't Lie)
  9. 一心二用 One Heart Two Use)
  10. 分手的記憶 (Memories Of a Break-up)

The CD+DVD edition includes a DVD with two music videos:

  1. 野百合 (Wild Lily)
  2. 紅磚 (Red Brick)

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