Catch as Catch Can (1937 film)

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Catch as Catch Can
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Richard Llewellyn
Story byAlexander George
Produced byJohn Findlay
Starring James Mason
Viki Dobson
Eddie Pola
Cinematography Ronald Neame
Edited by Reginald Beck
Music by Colin Wark
Distributed byTwentieth Century Fox (UK)
Release date
  • July 1937 (1937-07)(UK)
Running time
71 minutes [1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

Catch as Catch Can is a 1937 British crime film directed by Roy Kellino and starring James Mason, Viki Dobson, Eddie Pola and Margaret Rutherford. [2] On board a luxury liner, young Barbara Standish attempts to smuggle stolen jewels from France to America. [3]



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