Charade (1953 film)

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Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by James Mason
Pamela Mason
Scott Forbes & Bruce Lester
Based onDuel at Dawn
by Alexandre Dumas
Produced byJames Mason
StarringSee below
Cinematography Ernest Miller
Joseph F. Biroc
Edited byMaurice Wright
Portland Pictures
Distributed by Monarch Film Corporation (UK)
Running time
83 minutes
CountryUnited States

Charade is a 1953 black and white American anthology film directed by Roy Kellino. [1] It consists of a trio of short stories introduced by and starring James Mason and his wife Pamela. [2]



In "Portrait of a Murderer," a cynical young artist (Pamela Mason) absentmindedly sketches her neighbour (James Mason) who, unbeknownst to her, is a murderer. In "Duel at Dawn," in 1880s Austria, two officers (Mason and Scott Forbes) fight a duel for the love of a Baroness (Pamela Mason). In "The Midas Touch," Jonah Watson (James Mason), a successful businessman in New York, is dissatisfied with his life, and moves to England to start again. Working as a servant, he falls in love with Lilly (Pamela Mason), a cockney maid, who dreams of bettering herself.



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