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The Center for Book Arts
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Center for Book Arts
28 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor
Manhattan, New York 10001

Coordinates 40°44′41.38″N73°59′23.6″W / 40.7448278°N 73.989889°W / 40.7448278; -73.989889 Coordinates: 40°44′41.38″N73°59′23.6″W / 40.7448278°N 73.989889°W / 40.7448278; -73.989889
Type Art Not-for-Profit
Founder Richard Minsky
Executive DirectorCorina Reynolds
Classes offered Bookbinding, letterpress printing, paper marbling, typography
Campus typeUrban
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Letterpress shop at the Center for Book Arts

Center for Book Arts (CBA) is a non-profit arts organization, founded in 1974. It is the first organization of its kind in the United States dedicated to contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object while preserving traditional practices of the art of the book. [1]



Founded in 1974 by book artist and master bookbinder Richard Minsky. [2] [ better source needed ]

In 2017, the Center for Book Arts was awarded a New York City Cultural Tourism Grant. [3]


The non-profit organization offers over 100 classes and workshops in bookbinding, letterpress printing, paper marbling, typography, and related fields. [1] The 5,000-square-foot (460 m2) center in Manhattan features a 900-square-foot (84 m2) exhibition space which is open to visitors. [2] [4]

Collections Initiative

According to their 2011 Annual Report, the Center for Book Arts debuted their digitized collections in October 2010. [5]

The collections include a Fine Art Collection of over 2500 artist's books, a Reference Collection, and an Archives Collection. Each of these collections can be viewed through the CBA online catalogue paired with a detailed record of the item. [6]

Archives Collection
This collection documents the distinctive history of the Center’s programmatic and administrative activities as the first non-profit book arts organization of its kind in the United States. This collection includes ephemera and institutional records relating to historical exhibitions, classes, publications, and events. [7]


Exhibition catalogues from Center for Book Arts' long history can be purchased online through the organization's online book shop and through the distributor Oak Knoll Press. Visitors to the organization's website can also purchase letterpress printed poetry broadsides, chapbooks, artist's books and one-of-a-kind bookworks. Thirty percent of all sales is given back to the organization for advancement. [8]


Center for Book Arts hosts 8-12 exhibitions annually of contemporary and historical book art. The 900 square foot gallery is reserved for group exhibitions focussing on larger thematic topics in the field. Recent examples of this include Americans Looking In (2020), [9] Poetry is not a Luxury (2019), [10]

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