Cinelicious Pics

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Cinelicious Pics
Type Private
Industry Film distributor
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Key people
Paul Korver (founder and CEO)
Products Motion pictures
Parent Cinelicious

Cinelicious Pics is a distribution wing of the post-production company Cinelicious, [1] launched by Paul Korver and Dennis Bartok, former American Cinematheque head programmer.

The company was designed to distribute new U.S. and foreign independent features and documentaries. [2]

In November 2014, the company announced it would release Eiichi Yamamoto's cult-classic Kanashimi no Belladonna (Belladonna of Sadness) as its first restoration and re-release, with restoration work completed in-house. [3]

LA Weekly announced Cinelicious Pics as Best Indie Film Distributor of 2015. [4]


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