Last updated
Channels Analog: 44 (UHF)
BrandingGNN TV44 Pampanga
Slogan Committed to Nation Building
Pampanga's Kampampangan Channel
Kayabe mu, Kayantabe mu.
Affiliations Golden Nation Network
OwnerInfomax Media
(First United Broadcasting Corporation)
First air date
Global News Network (2011–2019)
One Media Network (2019-2021)
Call sign meaning
InfoMax TV
Technical information
ERP 10 kilowatts
Website http://www.infomaxtv.com/

Infomax Television is a regional free-to-air television channel located in Pampanga, Philippines. It was formerly on cable channel 8 but later transferred to free TV via Channel 44 with the power of 10,000 watts. It is currently an affiliate of Golden Nation Network (thus it became GNN-Infomax TV). It also served as a community channel for Kapampangans.

Following the closure of GNN on January 31, 2019, this station retained the GNN brand and its own local programming. On June 6, 2019, GNN44 was officially rebranded as One Media TV44 before reverting back to GNN.

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DOSTv: Science for the People is a daily weather, science and technology television and online program in the Philippines produced by the Department of Science and Technology – Science and Technology Information Institute. DOSTv is currently aired on free television via state-owned People's Television Network Channel 4 from Monday to Friday at 9:30 a.m. and soon on cable and satellite TV thru Global News Network (GNN) at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and other local channels.

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One PH is a Filipino language news channel based in Mandaluyong, Philippines. It is owned by MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. through Cignal TV. It was soft launched on February 18, 2019 and was officially launched on July 31, 2019, on satellite provider Cignal; and also via DWET-TV's digital subchannel in Mega Manila. One PH is the third MediaQuest channel launched under the One branding, along with the English-language news channel One News, cable sports channel One Sports+, free TV sports channel One Sports, premium entertainment channel One Screen, and lifestyle portal One Life.

DXRH-TV Television station in Zamboanga City

DXRH-TV/GNN TV43 is a TV station owned by First United Broadcasting Corporation and currently an affiliate of Global News Network in the Philippines. Its studios and transmitter are located at Zamboanga City.

YTV (Myanmar)

Y TV is a Burmese digital Free-to-Air TV channel that run under MRTV's Multiplex Playout System based in Yangon, Myanmar. Y TV is operated by MY Multimedia Co., Ltd that part of Young Investment Group Co., ltd. They have signed a cooperation agreement with MRTV to operate as content providers for digital free-to-air TV channels in a multi-playout system of MRTV. The trial was broadcast on 14 January 2019. On 14 February, they launched the channel officially. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day now.