Dalriada (band)

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Dalriada at the 2011 Ragnarök Festival
Background information
Origin Hungary
Genres Folk Metal
Years active1998–present
Labels AFM Records
MembersLaura Binder
András Ficzek
István Molnár
Mátyás Németh-Szabó
Ádám Monostori
Gergely Szabó
Ádám Csete
Website www.dalriada.hu

Dalriada is a folk metal band from Sopron, Hungary that was formed in 1998 as Echo of Dalriada, but shortened their name to Dalriada in late 2006. Their third studio album Kikelet and all subsequent albums were successful in the top ten of the official Mahasz music charts. Their Arany-album won the 2009 HangSúly Hungarian Metal Awards out of 70 contestants. [1] In 2012, the band toured through Europe with Arkona and Darkest Era. [2]


Album titles

The titles of their albums are supposed to be ancient Hungarian names of months (which are not used today). In fact they originate from the folk-history work "Arvisurák  [ hu ]" by Hungarian writer Zoltán Paál and are not based on any scientific evidence. Specifically, "Fergeteg" is, according to Paál, the ancient name of January, "Jégbontó" is February, "Kikelet" is March, "Szelek" is April, "Ígéret" is May, "Napisten" is June, "Áldás" is July, "Új Kenyér" is August, "Őszelő" is September, "Magvető" is October, "Enyészet" is November, and "Álom" is December. Arany-Album and Forrás are exceptions, the former contains the poems of János Arany, a Hungarian poet from the 19th century, and the latter - which is an acoustic album - translates as "Source", or "Spring".

The band attempted to compete in Eurovision, but since their music contains traditional folk tunes, they could not qualify to enter. [3]


YearAlbum NameAlbum TypeLabel Hungarian Top 40 Album Charts
2003 A walesi bárdok demoSelf-released
2004 Fergeteg studioHammer Music / Nail Records29 [4]
2006 Jégbontó studioHammer Music / Nail Records13 [5]
2007 Kikelet studioHammer Music / Nail Records4 [6]
2008 Szelek studioHammer Music / Nail Records2 [7]
2009 Arany-album studioHammer Music / Nail Records4 [8]
2011 Ígéret studioAFM Records6 [9]
2012 Napisten Hava studioHammer Music / Nail Records3 [10]
2015 Mesék, Álmok, Regék compilationHammer Music / Nail Records11 [11]
2015 Áldás studioHammer Music / Nail Records2 [12]
2016 Forrás studioHammer Music / Nail Records11 [13]
2018 Nyárutó studioHammer Music / Nail Records1 [14]
2021 Őszelő studioH-Music Hungary1 [15]
2021 Hazatérés – 15 év Dalriada liveH-Music Hungary

Music videos

Téli Ének2006
A Nap és Szél Háza2008
A Dudás2012


Current line-up

Session musicians

Former and past members


Dalriada (band)

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