Dan Harding's Wife

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Dan Harding's Wife
Main cast Dan Harding's Wife 1938.jpg
The show's main cast in 1938 from left: Merrill Fugit, Isabel Randolph, Loretta Poynton
GenreSoap Opera
Running time15 minutes
Country of originUnited States
Syndicates NBC
Starring Isabel Randolph
Loretta Poynton
AnnouncerLes Griffith
Norman Berry
Written byKen Robinson
Directed byJ. Clinton Stanley
Original releaseJanuary 20, 1936 (1936-01-20) – February 10, 1939 (1939-02-10)

Dan Harding's Wife was a radio soap opera in the United States. The 15-minute program was broadcast on NBC from January 20, 1936, through February 10, 1939, and was sponsored by Nabisco for the first nine months of 1938. [1] The show was written by Ken Robinson and directed by J. Clinton Stanley. [2]



A 1938 article in Radio Guide magazine commented, "The story of Dan Harding's Wife is one that will strike a warmly responsive note in the hearts of all wives and mothers who are, because of economic necessity, separated from their husbands.: [2]

The broadcast was set 19 years after Dan and Rhoda Harding were married in South America. He was a mining engineer there, and she had come there with her father. An initially happy marriage ran into problems when Rhoda became pregnant. Dan felt that a mining camp would not be a good place to raise the twins, so he sent Rhoda and the babies to the United States. In the program, twins Donna and Dean were 18 years old. They had seen their father only once or twice a year at best. The reunions ended, however, when Rhoda received word that Dan had been killed in a mining disaster in Iraq. The article in Radio Guide summarized Rhoda's predicament: "Left almost penniless, Rhoda takes over a rooming house in the poorer section of the town and attempts to eke out a living." [2]


Buxton and Owen's The Big Broadcast lists the cast of Dan Harding's Wife as follows: [3]

Rhoda Harding Isabel Randolph
Donna HardingLoretta Poynton
Dean HardingMerrill Fugit
Mrs. Graham Judith Lowry
Arnie TopperCarl Hanson
Eula ShermanMargarette Shanna
Mr. TillerCliff Soubier
Mr. GorhamCliff Soubier
Margot Gorham Templeton Fox
Mabel KloonerTempleton Fox
FowlerRobert Griffin
Penny LathamAlice Goodkin
Jack GarlandWillard Farnum
Stooge LoweHugh Rowlands
Ralph FraserHerbert Nelson
Eva FosterTommye Birch
Rex Kramer Herb Butterfield
AnnouncerLes Griffith

Other sources list additional cast members as follows: Norman Berry (announcer) [4] and Mercedes McCambridge (role not specified). [5]

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