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Birth nameKarl Francis
Also known asBasic Influence
Original Master
Suburban Knights
The Specialist
Origin Brixton, London
Genres Drum and bass, jungle
Occupation(s)DJ, record producer
Years active1991–present
Labels Metalheadz
Valve Recording
Chronic Records
Hard Leaders
Test Records
Philly Blunt Recordings
V Recordings
London Records
Associated acts Lemon D
Website www.dillinja.co.uk

Dillinja, (born Karl Francis, [1] , Brixton, South London, England) [2] is an English drum and bass DJ, record producer and entrepreneur.

Brixton district in the London Borough of Lambeth in South London

Brixton is a district of South London, England, within the London Borough of Lambeth. The area is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London.

South London Boroughs of South London in England

South London is the southern part of London, England. Situated south of the River Thames, it includes the historic districts of Southwark, Lambeth, Bankside and Greenwich.

Drum and bass, is a genre and branch of electronic music which emerged from rave and jungle scenes in Britain during the early 1990s. The style is often characterised by fast breakbeats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers.



Arguably the most prolific producer within the drum and bass scene (with over 500 releases produced since 1991), Francis subsequently set up Valve Recordings in partnership with long-term collaborator Lemon D (Kevin King), with whom he also designed and built the Valve Sound System. As well as the record label and sound system, Francis and King have also opened a specialist mastering and vinyl cutting studio, Ear2ground.

Sound reinforcement system combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers in enclosures all controlled by a mixing console that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience

A sound reinforcement system is the combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers in enclosures all controlled by a mixing console that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience. In many situations, a sound reinforcement system is also used to enhance or alter the sound of the sources on the stage, typically by using electronic effects, such as reverb, as opposed to simply amplifying the sources unaltered.

Albums include My Sound (1993–2004), Cybotron, as well as Big Bad Bass and The Killa-Hertz with Lemon D.

The spelling of Dillinja has changed since he started releasing vinyl, found on some older vinyl as either 'Dillinger' or 'Dillinjah'. The origin of his name is unknown but it is likely that it came from one of reggae's earliest MCs, who called himself Dillinger (real name Lester Bullocks) after the famous American gangster John Dillinger.[ citation needed ] Two of Dillinja's other aliases are also linked to Bullocks' contemporaries: Capone to Dennis Alcapone (born Dennis Smith) and Trinity to Junior Brammer (born Wade Brammer), both reggae deejays and producers.

Lester Bullock, better known by the stage name Dillinger, is a Jamaican reggae artist. He was part of the second wave of deejay toasters who rose to prominence during the mid-1970s.

John Dillinger American bank robber

John Herbert Dillinger was an American gangster in the Great Depression-era United States. He operated with a group of men known as the "Dillinger Gang" or "The Terror Gang" which was accused of robbing 24 banks and four police stations, among other crimes. Dillinger escaped from jail twice. He was also charged with the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana police officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet-proof vest during a shootout, prompting him to return fire; he was not convicted of this crime, however. It was Dillinger's only homicide charge, despite his infamy.

Dillinja's track "Twist Em' Out" is frequently used in Da Ali G Show .

<i>Da Ali G Show</i> name of two related satirical TV series

Da Ali G Show is a British satirical television series created by and starring English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. In the series, Baron Cohen plays three unorthodox journalists — faux-streetwise poseur Ali G, Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev, and gay Austrian fashion enthusiast Brüno Gehard. These characters conduct real interviews with unsuspecting people, many of whom are celebrities, high-ranking government officials, and other well-known figures, during which they are asked absurd and ridiculous questions.



YearAlbumRecord labelPeak chart position (UK)
2000Cybotron Valve Recordings
2004My Sound (1993–2004)

Singles and EP

YearSingle / EPRecord labelPeak chart position (UK)
1993Dillinja E.P.Tough Toonz
From Beyond / Ride It HardCybotron Records
Sine / Dark Science
Steal The Way / Forever Fierce
Test 2 EP
19943:01 in the Morning / Catch The VibeIQ Records
Deadly Ceremonies / Sovereign MelodyDeadly Vinyl
Deadly Deep Subs / Calculus Beats
Deep Love (Remix) / MoodsLogic Productions
Heavyweight Vol. 3Heavyweight
In My Soul / Stompers DelightNot on Label
Lion Heart / Art of ControlLionheart
Majestic B-Line EPDeadly Vinyl, Cybotron Records
South Side (Riffin Mix) / Stompers DelightNot on Label
Steelers Anthem / Sax into The NightIQ Records
You Don't Know (The Remix) / Heavenly BassLogic Productions
You Don't Know / Warrior
1995Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) / Perfect MatchDeadly Vinyl
Mutha*ucka / SkyPhilly Blunt Records
Tear Down (Da Whole Place) / Believe The BassConqueror Records
The Angels Fell EP Metalheadz
Ja Know Ya Big
Brutal Bass
1996Dillinja / Trinity RemixesPhilly Blunt Records
Headz 2 Sampler Mo'Wax
Jah / Deadly Deep Subs (Remixes)Razors Edge
Me or the PapesLondon Records
Non-Believers / SimpleChronic
Static / Funk Will Flow
1997Acid Track / One Out of Many Valve Recordings
The Final Piece / Day & NightChronic
Violent Killa / 12.01 Valve Recordings
1998Fluid / Hard NoizeTest Recordings
So Damn Tuff / Vicious
Test 2
Total Recall / Test TimeTest Blue
Tronik Funk / ThugsTest Recordings
Weapon of Choice / The FuzeTest Blue
2001Warp Drive / Soul BrotherTest Recordings
2002Live Or Die / South Manz Valve Recordings No. 53 [1]
The Grimey EP V Recordings
Twist 'Em Out / Kids StuffRenegade HardwareNo. 50 [1]
2003Energize / The BoxNot on Label
Fast Car / Generation X (Remix) Valve Recordings
Fast Car / No Future
Here Comes Trouble (LP Sampler Volume One)Trouble on Vinyl
Here Comes Trouble (LP Sampler Volume Two)
This Is A Warning / Super DJ Valve Recordings No. 47 [1]
Twist 'Em Out (Maxi)Trouble on Vinyl
Twist 'Em Out (Remixes feat. Skibadee)No. 35 [1]
2004All The Things / Forsaken Dreams Valve Recordings No. 71 [1]
In The Grind / Acid Trak (Lemon D Remix)No. 71 [1]
Thugged Out Bitch (Adam F & DJ Fresh Remix) / RainforestNo. 54 [1]
2005Feel My Pain / In The Grind VIP
200696 Thing / Electroboogie
Expansions / Basscone
The Dillinja EP
2007Diggin' In Ya Crates EP
2008Grimey (Clipz Remix) / Sky (Zero T Remix) V Recordings
Soul Control / Unexplored Terrain
2009Shiners / Love Child Valve Recordings [3]

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John Dillinger (1903–1934) was an American gangster.


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Founded in 1999 by Emch and Noah Shachtman, Subatomic Sound System brought together musicians, producers, DJs and visual artists from a variety of backgrounds and traditions primarily based in New York City and Brooklyn to form a record label and collective that built on a combination of new music technology and traditional instruments to produce music across a variety of genres, often combining genres, in an effort to adapt 1970s’ Jamaican sound system culture and dub studio techniques to current music genres and forms of live performance. In fall 2008, Subatomic Sound System garnered international attention for a limited edition vinyl 12" featuring their collaboration with Vienna's Dubblestandart and dub inventor Lee "Scratch" Perry, releasing the first songs from Perry in the dubstep genre, one of the first recorded examples of a tangible connection between the popular UK based electronic genre that emerged in the begin of the first decade of the 21st century and the Jamaican dub from the 1970s where dubstep's origins were rooted and which had been primarily originated by Perry himself. Beginning in 2008, Subatomic Sound System started hosting weekly radio shows on 91.5fm, Radio New York and webcast on Brooklyn Radio. In 2011 Subatomic Sound System began performing as Lee "Scratch" Perry's backing band with a hybrid of electronics and live instruments. In 2013 they performed together at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and afterwords became Perry's exclusive touring band in North America. In 2017, Subatomic Sound System released their first full length album with Perry entitled 'Super Ape Returns To Conquer' which debuted #5 on the Billboard Magazine reggae chart and #2 on iTunes USA reggae album chart and reached #1 on North America World music NACC charts.

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<i>CB 200</i> 1976 studio album by Dillinger

CB 200 is the second studio album by Jamaican reggae artist Dillinger. It was released in 1976 via Island Records, making it the musician's first album on the label. Recording sessions took place at Channel One Recording Studios in Kingston. Production of the album was entirely handled by Joseph "Jo Jo" Hoo Kim. The album peaked at number 7 in the Netherlands and spawned a hit single "Cokane in My Brain", which became a number-one single in the Netherlands and also reached number 2 in Belgium and number 35 in Germany.


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