Dub War

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Dub War
Origin Newport, South Wales
Years active
  • 1993–1999
  • 2014–present
  • Saint Ringland
  • Words of Warning
  • Earache
Associated acts
Website www.dubwar.co.uk
  • Benji Webbe (vocals)
  • Mikee Gregory (drums)
  • Jeff Rose (guitar)
  • Richie Glover (bass)
Past members
  • Martin 'Ginge' Ford (drums)

Dub War are a four-piece metal band from Newport, South Wales. Formed in 1993, the band's musical style is a mix of metal, punk, and reggae.



Dub War formed in 1993 in Wales. [1] The band released two albums, via the metal label Earache Records; Pain, released in 1995 and Wrong Side of Beautiful in 1996. Dub War split in 1999 after disputes with their label. [2] After a short stint with the supergroup Mass Mental, lead singer Benji Webbe went on to form Skindred with Jeff Rose and Martyn Ford, although the latter left early on citing mistreatment from their label.

In 2010, Digby Pearson of Earache Records approached Webbe with the idea of releasing a DVD of the then last Dub War show and previous video. The DVD was released as a box set including a CD of rare recordings. [3]

The band performed a low-key show in Newport in 2014 in a one-off reunion, using Mikee Gregory on drums, replacing Martin 'Ginge' Ford. However, in May 2015, after Ghost Town withdrew their spot, Dub War were announced for a special half-hour set on the 4th Stage at Download Festival. [4] This was followed by the announcement that they would appear at the 2015 Velvet Coalmine Festival in south Wales, along with acts like Meat Puppets and Nicky Wire. [5]

In March 2016 the group released a new single, their first since 1997, called "Fun Done". The track premiered on TeamRock on March 2, 2016. [6] The song is the first of a planned set of 12 singles to be released on a limited 500 copy vinyl every time the band performs one of their sporadic shows over the next 2-3 years, before being released together on CD and digitally. [7]



1994Dubwarning (mini album)
1996Wrong Side of Beautiful
1998Step Ta Dis
2005Demos 1998
2010The Dub, The War and the Ugly



YearSingleFrom the Album UK Singles Chart
"Mental EP"Pain-
"Strike It"70
"Enemy Maker"Wrong Side of Beautiful41
1996"Cry Dignity"59
"Soundclash EP"N/A-
1997"Million Dollar Love"Wrong Side of Beautiful73
"Dreams & Illusions"N/A-
2016"Fun Done"N/A-
"Making a Monster"-


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